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Anna Clarén

When Everything Changed

02 April — 27 May, 2018

It could be you. It could be your family. It could be about anything, one of those things that just happens and leads life down an unexpected path. Divorce, death, unemployment, illness, some news out of the blue...But what does it do to our relationships?


New Fotografiska For Life exhibition with photographer Anna Clarén's project, incorporating a book published by Max Ström, and the film When Everything Changed, in which Lena Endre narrates the story behind the personal, revealing and very beautiful photographs. An exhibition that asks important questions about our relationships. For the first time, Clarén stands as the sole author of the book, a genre-defying story with a script in dialogue form, where lines exchanged by the characters are interspersed with documentary images.

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"This story is about a life crisis. About a family and a marriage that are suddenly faced with the unexpected. The floor falls out from under you and no one knows how to handle the new situation." – Anna Clarén



Exhibition Opening


Exhibition Closing
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