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Christian Tagliavini

The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini

09 March — 10 June, 2018

There are those who turn control into an art form. People who take charge of everything, down to the smallest detail, and create unique and strange worlds that stir the viewer's imagination. One such artist is Christian Tagliavini.


Christian Tagliavini exhibition will feature works sprung from the need to document the extraordinary worlds that he builds from scratch. Works as rich as a film, in a single frame. An exhibition that invites the viewers to expand their imagination.

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"It has always been important to me to continue developing. Even though I sometimes get mad with myself. Why do I insist on exposing myself to new problems and new unknown worlds? But the thing is, I love the process of solving problems, of succeeding with something completely new, whether it is creating unique wallpaper or going from working in a classic manner with wood to super-modern 3d-printers." – Christian Tagliavini



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