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Paul Hansen/Åsa Sjöström

Hand to Hand

27 September — 16 December, 2018

The connection between hygiene and health is becoming increasingly critical to life for a greater number of people.


Paul Hansen, multi-award winner and one of the world’s most respected photojournalists, is currently at Fotografiska as part of the Fotografiska For Life exhibition Hand to Hand in association with Essity. As always, these exhibitions highlight important social issues, and Paul Hansen is exhibiting photographic narratives from different parts of the world that all relate to the vital need for access to hygiene and water. The documentary photographer Åsa Sjöström has also followed a school in England as part of a large hygiene project to support children's personal hygiene and better toilet environments.

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"The photographs are stories from around the world, including Sweden as well as developing countries, where we all - to varying degrees - face the same challenges. Whether it is about disinfecting your hands in a Swedish hospital or ensuring that people in vulnerable parts of the world have access to clean water" – Paul Hansen.

The exhibition is presented in association with Essity

Essity and Fotografiska have stated a long-term mission to raise awareness about global hygiene and health, and how this fundamental issue affects the well-being of people around the world. Not just physically, but also how hygiene and health are related to basic human needs and rights, such as education and gender equality, and society’s general development. The story is told through photography and with Essity’s expertise and long experience within this area, in yearly exhibitions throughout our partnership. Through our collaboration, we aim to inspire a more conscious and sustainable world.