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Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk – a view from the side

14 September — 02 December, 2018

Lars Tunbjörks influence is exemplified by an expression common in Swedish photography circles, a 'Tunbjörkare', meaning an image with special qualities. The world-renowned photographer who repeatedly returned to his roots in Borås…


With equal parts humour, warmth and darkness, and perhaps a pinch of exasperation, he captured scenes which cause the viewer to pause, think and in some strange way even feel a sense of recognition. And this regardless of whether he was using his special palette of vivid colours and harsh flash photography to capture big-box stores in small American provincial towns, Japanese office landscapes or the decline of the welfare state in his place of birth, Borås.

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"Lars had begun planning a retrospective, both a book and an exhibition, before he died. Fulfilling this, his vision, felt very important to me and others around him. I collated Lars Tunbjörk – a view from the side together with Hasse Person, who has also curated Lars' previous exhibitions and followed his work closely, and we've gathered works from a treasure trove of images numbering over half a million exposures. The images feel extremely contemporary even now, at a time when so many cornerstones of the welfare state are being brought into question. Lars captured an early phase of a phenomenon that is gathering momentum." – Maud Nycander, filmmaker and Lars Tunbjörks wife.



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