Our exhibitions presented in 3D

Take a walk about our house and experience our photographers exhibitions

Exhibitions | 3D

Wherever you are in the world you’ll be able to visit our museum in 3D.
All the exhibitions, the shop and the magnificent view over Stockholm Skyline from the restaurant are available in this virtual model of the Fotografiska building. Ever since 2010 Fotografiska has aimed to provoke perspectives, and inspire a more conscious world.
With an entire museum in 3D, Fotografiska is challenging what a museum is, can and should be.

How does it work?
You enter each section of the house with a click on the text popup and can thereafter stroll around as you wish, with your arrow keys, your mouse or index finger. Stay and zoom on photographs that intrigues you and get extra material in text, links or videos from the pop up windows along your way.
From each exit of an exhibition or in the hallways, you’ll find pop-ups that take you to the next thing you want to explore.


Current exhibitions in 3D

All our current exhibitions have been extended over the summer so you get a chance to enjoy them. Hassan Hajjaj’s colour injection VOGUE, The Arab Issue, mind blowing Hubble – a journey in time and space, Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield, Anders Petersens Color Lehmitz and Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie, Bum av Maisie Cousins.

Generation Wealth

Full throttle all the way, whether it going to the school party of a young Kim Kardashian, steering inconceivably luxurious yachts and private jets – or meeting the owner of the longest limousine in the world, that has its own helipad.

VOGUE, The Arab issue

Full of vibrant colours, speed, and rhythmic sway, the Moroccan roots are clearly visible in Hassan Hajjaj's work, mixed with contemporary London expressions. He is an artist that always creates while listening to music, preferably out in the street.

Maisie Cousins

See the exhibition in 3D


See the space exhibition in 3D

Anders Petersen

See all of the amazing work in our 3D exhibition

Visit Fotografiska Stockholm in 3D

Welcome on a tour within our wonderful museum

Welcome to visit us at Stadsgårdshamnen i Stockholm.
We’re open Thursday-Sunday 9AM-9PM.
Groups of 25 guests at a time will be welcomed through a booking system with slot times.
Welcome to book your ticket to secure your place and time slot.


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