Fotografiska's sustainable brunch

If you want to book our chambre séparée 10-16 persons for brunch or if you are 9-20 persons for brunch please mail

That we serve sustainable pleasure that is good for both our planet and our guests is something that is well known.

Now it is time for us to take our much appreciated brunch to the next level and make it even more sustainable. The starter will be served on a plateau with a sense of Five-o’clock tea. You choose the main course after your own liking. All while you and your company can enjoy the food without having to run to the buffet, instead you will get your own buffet feeling on the plateau. On the top plate you will find the dips and sauces for the bread, on the middle plate an egg dish, for example our Egg Royale with greens and veggies from the season, and on the lower plate you can enjoy dishes like herring/beetroot tartar. These dishes are eaten on wonderful plates created by our very own potter, Anna Lindell from Jönåker.

With Fotografiska’s sustainable brunch we help to save more of our planet’s resources, the resources that are often wasted at buffets. To throw food away is completely against our philosophy and we constantly find new ways to recycle/reuse and upcycle/inventing new raw products. To upcycle, to reuse a product as a new raw product, is something we do with for example our buns. The ones that are not eaten are later put in a grinder and used as new flavourful flour that we make new buns out of.

If you have any ideas on how to reuse the food that is left let us know, Paul Svenssons and his team loves to get new inspiration.

Brunch: 295 SEK
Daily side: 65 SEK
Sweets: 25–55 SEK
Entrance to the exhibitions: 135 SEK
Meal for the kids: 75 SEK

This is included:
*Bread serving and cold dishes on a plateau (one brunch serving with the possibility to add sweets.)

*Plant-based dish on a plate (choose between two options)
Purchase our daily protein as a side dish

Add sweets for 25–55 SEK
(dessert menu with different options)
As a brunch guest you will get a discounted entrance price to our exhibitions: 135 SEK (paid at the entrance)


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