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Dinner at our award-winning restaurant

Restaurant - Open today 17:00 ― 23:00

Welcome to one of Stockholm’s best restaurants. Here the plant proudly stands in focus. Sometimes even literally, for example our brussels sprout dish where you and your company can participate in the cooking experience - directly on the table.

A seasonal based dining experience

We strive to deliver the most sustainable and delectable produce, whether its vegetables, meat, fish or bird, it all contributes to making our dinner the tastiest it can be. We offer what the earth supplies us with under each season. Sourcing as close to home as we can, we support local growers and farmers. In the New Conscious Kitchen, we try to use as much of the produce as possible to extract maximum flavour from each ingredient. With creative resourcefulness and curiosity, our head chef Paul Svensson creates a contemporary plant based dinner menu where vegetarian dishes are always the focus. Alongside, we serve well-considered drinks both with and without alcohol - our famous alcohol-free drink package is a delight.

Exclusive dinner in our Chambre Séparée

For companies wanting to have a private dinner setting, our exclusive Chambre Séparée is available to book. Read more about how to book here.

The new conscious kitchen

The dinner menu

Small 405sek

New potatoes, smoked sour cream and roe
Compost-baked onion, mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle
Strawberries, pineappleweed, flan and cream

Large 675sek

New potatoes, smoked sour cream and roe
Tomatoes, swedish mozzarella, gazpacho and lovage
Karshamra salad, scallions, poached egg and chicken vinaigrette
Compost-baked onion, mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle Strawberries, pineapple weed , flan and cream


Ask your waiter for today’s fish or meat


Strawberries, pineapple weed, flan and cream 135sek

Chocolate caramel 55sek

Seasonal ice cream 55sek

Swedish cheeses, marmalade and crisp 145sek or 55sek/piece