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A delicious lunch in a unique atmosphere

The à la carte lunch is open 11:30–14:00, Monday to Friday

Book a lunch table

The new conscious kitchen

Lunch menu

Sourdough bread, churn butter and coffee from Stockholm Roast is always included.

Cabbage rolls

fried mushrooms, autumn apple and roasted hazelnuts 135 SEK

Zucchini linguini

parmesan crème, smoked almonds and pickled green tomatoes 135 SEK


oven baked parsley root, green leaves, beluga lentils in gremolata and deep fried garlic 135 SEK

Jerusalem artichoke soup

roasted Jerusalem artichoke, spruce oil, and pickled mushroom 105 SEK

Today's side dish

Do you miss animal protein? Add today´s side to your menu – braised ham chuckle from Strömdala 50 SEK


Small dessert 55 SEK
Coffee candy 35 SEK

Welcome to book a table at Fotografiskas à la carte lunch where you can enjoy a cozy lunch with Stockholm’s most beautiful views. Our family-friendly restaurant offer plant-based dishes, with vegetarian and vegan options highlighting the menu.

Lunch from 105 SEK
Book a table before coming and enjoy a lunch including sourdough bread, churn butter and coffee/tea. The dishes on our menu change every week and consists of the best from the Swedish season.

If you have time over and want to enjoy our amazing exhibitions, you add 115 SEK (paid when entering).

Welcome to Stockholms coziest lunch restaurant.