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A unique experience in our Test Kitchen

Restaurant - Open today 17:00 ― 23:00

Test Kitchen - New arena for unique dining experiences at Fotografiska

Fotografiska's young chefs make their own interpretation of the New Conscious Cuisine. Now 16 guests have the opportunity to enjoy a unique six-course menu on the final Tuesday of every month in our Chambre Séparée. This is part of the launch of the New Conscious Cuisine, which involves serving sustainable pleasure where the whole raw ingredient is made use of. The menus for each occasion have been prepared by a trio of young chefs and sommeliers as part of Fotografiska's initiative to develop its personnel on an ongoing basis. They have been given a totally free hand to create dishes where all the constituent flavours combine to form a taste sensation paired with expertly selected drinks.

There is a constant development process ongoing at Fotografiska - and nothing is written in stone. Except that the goal is always to offer sustainable pleasure, á la the new conscious cuisine which focuses on using the whole raw ingredient and all its flavour sensations. Here we are testing, trialling and creating new dishes and drinks using ancient methods, the latest high tech solutions and boundless curiosity.

Fotografiska is now launching its Test Kitchen as a natural continuation of this work. Here, our employees, driven by a genuine passion for sustainability, will contribute their unique skills. This is part of Fotografiska's initiative to develop its personnel on an ongoing basis while also enriching Fotografiska. Their task is to create new dishes where into which their creativity can be unleashed.

Teams will comprise two chefs and one sommelier, and they will compose a six-course menu featuring hot, cold and sweet dishes which will be prepared and presented during the course of one evening on the final Tuesday of each month. Naturally, this will be accompanied by drinks that serve to further emphasise the flavours.

On these evenings there will be a chance for 16 curious culinary enthusiasts to dine at a Community Table as guests in our Chambre Séparée.
An excellent opportunity for "foodies" to experience something unique.

Five courses + snacks and coffee treats with drinks. The 16 guests at this Community Table are invited to arrive at 18:45 for aperitifs and will be seated at 19:00 for a dinner that will last around three hours. The food will be presented by the chefs and sommelier.
This is a set menu, which means it will not be possible to accommodate any dietary requirements. Contains gluten, milk.

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