Our Terrace

The Terrace is closed for now and will open again next summer!

On Fotografiska’s terrace you can enjoy a fika and a simpler version of our otherwise extensive drink menu, treat yourself with one of our little snacks and the beautiful view of the water combined with the Stockholm skyline. Stockholm’s inlet, the castle, Djurgården and Gröna Lund are all part of the view.

Here you can hang out and feel the music pulsating from the stage. Try our bowl of the season with ramson and all the good stuff that our bakery offers when they overindulge in rhubarbs.

– "Everything that we offer on our terrace correlates with our philosophy around sustainable pleasure, focusing on the vegetable kingdom. With our extensive food offering we want to contribute to a more conscious world. Two flavourful examples are our buns baked on recycled flour and our own circular beer Echo, that is brewed on sour dough bread from our restaurant i collaboration with Nya Carnegiebrygeriet", says Paul Svensson, Fotografiska's food creative.

During the night DJ’s are playing whilst the last rays of sun seep through the city.

A place to revisit.

Studio Live on our Terrace

Fotografiska Studio Live is moving out with DJ:s and welcomes both regular customers as well as guests to a solid cocktail chill session. With our drink concept we work with interesting and exciting flavours, and the focus is always on sustainability and up-cycling. Meaning that we always reuse our products and use them as raw materials.

"How about for example ingredients like purple carrot, recycled grape cordial, up-cycled champagne syrup and recycled rhubarb stalks? Additionally we offer ice-cold coffee drinks and tasty spritzers, meanwhile our menu offers everything from the ongoing season. We will also host a couple of daytime sessions, so make sure to stay updated on all our bookings and events on Studio Live's social media feeds on IG and FB", says bar manager Britt van der Poel.

NB! Like all other terrace chill out sessions, ours is also dependant on the weather! On rainy days we recommend you to visit our museum with world class photography and a great bar, café and restaurant.

At Studio Live you can see the schedule for our upcoming activities, but you can also keep track of all our coming gigs by following Fotografiska Studio Live at Facebook and Instagram.

Studio Live OUTDOOR Signatures

All drinks 142 SEK


Faraway Tree | Photographer, Kirsty Mitchell
 Homemade Limoncello, Lemon, Basil, Cava


Skara Sommarland | Photographer, Lars Tunbjörk
Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotte, Hallands elder flower, Herb Tea, Lemon balm, Lime , Cava


Gorilla on the Rocks | Photographer, Nick Brandt
Havana club 7, Carpano Dry, White Cacao, Coffee grounds, Peanut Butter


Hommage to Humanity | Photographer, Jimmy Nelson
San cosme mezcal, Campari, Champagne syrup, Orange bitters, Capers


Roller girl | Photographer, Anja Niemi
 Altos Olmeca Tequila Plata, Rhubarb, Rosépepper, Aromatic tonic




Sober is My Spirit Animal

Apple Must – 40 SEK

Ginger Beer Soda – 40 SEK

Fever Tree Tonic – 40 SEK

Swedish Tonic – 55 SEK

Non alcoholic bubbly – 65 SEK



Fotografiska Bowl with circulated egg

Tarte fine with mushroom & kale

Bagel with hummus & pesto


Olives – 65 SEK

Crisps – 30 SEK

Cashew nuts – 30 SEK


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