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More than just a meeting

Are you planning a conference, an event or a celebration? In addition to an ultra-modern conference centre and flexible function rooms, Fotografiska has a fully equipped studio which enables you to film and/or live stream your event.

A conference at Fotografiska is not like other conferences. Our inspiring facilities provide a unique setting. Food is always in focus at Fotografiska. We want you to enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience that will long remain with you. At Fotografiska we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

We have several premises with flexible furniture and seating for up to 250 people in a conference or a dinner. In the same premises, we can organize a mingling of 500 people. In our largest room F1 we have a permanent Watchout-system installed that gives you unthought-of possibilities to arrange your meeting in any environment thinkable.

Send an e-mail to, call +46 (0)8-50 900 540 or use our Booking request and we will tell you more about what we can offer.

Conscious Cuisine

Taste sensations that heighten consciousness

Fotografiskas food & drink philosophy, inspired by our creative chef Paul Svensson constantly pushes the boundaries and produces magical flavor and an increased awareness of the world around us – Conscious Cuisine. In the new conscious kitchen, the ingredient is always the focus and we are driven by consideration for both our guests and the earth's resources. Our organic plant-based kitchen maximizes flavor by using every part of the produce, as little as possible is wasted. Here you can enjoy dishes that harness the most flavor - when every part of the ingredient is utilized, its full potential is achieved: we call this Conscious Cuisine. At Fotografiska, the menus are created based on the best season to offer, whether it be plants, fish or meat. So, its sustainable pleasure that saves the planet.