More than just a meeting

Are you planning a conference, an event or a celebration? In addition to an ultra-modern conference centre and flexible function rooms, Fotografiska has a fully equipped studio which enables you to film and/or live stream your event.

As a visual language, photography plays a big part of our daily communication. Combine your conference or event with a guided tour or an inspirational photo course. Read more below what our inspirational activities offer.

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Guided tour

Getting a guided tour is a special experience. Whether it makes you relax or make your heart beat faster. A guided tour adds so many extra dimensions to both you and your view of the piece you're watching. Every person has his or her own interpretation, each picture speaks its own language and together they make your visit an everlasting memory.

Length: 45 minutes
Participants: 25 per group, maximum
Language: Swedish or English.
Price: 2 350 SEK/group (excl. VAT)

Become a better photographer

Here at Fotografiska, we don’t only exhibit world-class photography. We also help people – from beginners to professionals – to become better photographers.

If you want to leave Fotografiska as a better photographer than when you came, we have developed a couple of short courses that are both educational and entertaining. Our teachers will explain in a simple and entertaining way how imagery works, in a way that can be used immediately.

Become a better photographer

Among the things you’ll learn are:

  • Three ways to make it clear what you want to do with the picture.
  • Effective and easy-to-use concepts for better picture composition.
  • How to get the viewer to see a story in a picture.

: Göran Segeholm
Length: 30 minutes

The friendly camera

Among the things you’ll learn are:

  • How to take a portrait that the subject is actually happy with.
  • What makes people relax in front of the camera.
  • The key to good portrait lighting, and where to find it in everyday life.

Teacher: Göran Segeholm
Length: 30 minutes

Change the way you see the world - through mobile phone photography

Say good-bye forever to dull and un-interesting mobile photos that not even you want to look at, and say Hello to photos you want to save, share and maybe even print! During this fun and intense workshop we will talk about:

  • the power of composition
  • how you can trouble-shoot when it’s not turning out the way you want it to
  • simple editing tips that give your image big results

: Jenny Hammar
Length: 30 minutes

From abstract to concrete

A lecture and workshop that handles value-based visual design. The course requires a minimum of 25 persons.

Teacher: Göran Segeholm
Length: 2 hours


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