New food options for our event & conference guests

Wide choice of food concepts through the Food Alliance

The new Food Alliance offers more choice and sustainable pleasure

You can now choose from a wide range of food concepts when booking our premises  F1 and F2. This autumn, Fotografiska is expanding its event & conference offer with the Food Alliance to provide an all new range of dining options for Fotografiska’s event & conference guests. Urban Deli, Farang and K-märkt where some of the most sustainability-oriented names in Stockholm’s food scene have joined forces to give our guests more sustainable pleasure by combining an enhanced drinking and dining experience with social responsibility. All, of course, based on locally grown produce and sensitive animal husbandry and with a zero waste focus.

Fotografiska is today one of Sweden’s biggest visitor destinations with half a million guests annually. Fotografiska’s vision is “to inspire a more conscious world” and help build a better future for us, our planet and future generations. The best way to do this is through partnerships and collaboration with other sustainability ambassadors. This approach saves the planet while also creating more choice, as Fotografiska’s customers will now have access to all these partners’ offerings for meetings, events and conferences.

“The members of the Food Alliance are driven by the same passion and vision for our planet, and we are very enthusiastic about sharing this passion and vision with our event & conference guests, who can now choose from a whole range of different food concepts when booking our premises,” Paul Svensson, the creative force behind Fotografiska’s food and drink offering, says.


Come along on a culinary journey to the Southeast Asian kitchen at Fotografiska. Farang offers genuinely well made food with exciting flavours from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. These dishes, exploding with flavours, are ideal for big dinners as well as for mingling events – beautifully presented and with combinations of fresh flavours.



At K-märkt we are passionate about good and delicious food – but also about sustainable food. In 2018, we were named the most sustainable restaurant in Sweden. We create sustainable dining experiences by essentially never having a menu. No menu means that we can make full use of the produce we have – right there and right then. This may sound a little strange to some people, but it isn’t really when you think about it. We think a little differently, for your sake and for the environment’s.

At K-märkt we call this FIGHTING FOOD WASTE.

Urban Deli

At Urban Deli life centres on the meal! Our vision is to making eating easier, tastier and happier. Our food is good for the taste buds and has been produced in a way that is good for people, animals, the environment and the climate. We make the most of the seasons and offer a menu based largely on small dishes made from greens as well as street food with flavours from across the world, but using Swedish ingredients.


At Fotografiska we offer you the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, to which we add meat, fish and poultry, if you want. The desire to inspire a more conscious world is shared by everyone at Fotografiska. Naturally, our range of food and drink plays a very important role in this ambition, where each part of the ingredient, having its own particular flavour, is used. That’s how we achieve entirely new taste sensations while reducing resource waste, creating sustainable enjoyment and saving the planet. We call our philosophy “The new conscious kitchen”!


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