Digital meetings at Fotografiska

Stream your meeting or event digitally from Fotografiska

Use our inspiring premises to stream your forthcoming annual general meeting, conference, lecture, customer event, or launch.
Welcome to our locations.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet your participants digitally and reach out to customers, co-workers, and invited guests in their own homes.
This also enables you to invite an unlimited number of guests and gives you the chance to reach out to further participants digitally.

Here are some examples of activities that are well suited to being streamed or recorded:
• Annual general meetings
• Conferences
• Lectures and inspirational seminars
• Customer events
• Launches

We give you the opportunity to meet your participants digitally and reach out to customers, co-workers, and invited guests in their own homes from a creative environment that boasts the latest technology.

We can help you with things such as:
• Live streaming on the platform of your choice
• Recording
• Pre-recorded interviews
• Editing images and presentations
• Project management and advice on how best to create the perfect digital event, and much more.

You also have the opportunity to let digital participants interact with your conference host, moderator, and other participants via chat, polls, or Zoom meetings.

We’ll help you to create more effective meetings based on your needs and wishes.
We offer full-scale digital solutions for the perfect virtual event.

Fotografiska | Venue F1

F1 | A venue for those looking for the Wow! factor.

F1 boasts a 55-metre wall space on which you can project whatever you want to provide an immersive visual experience.

With the click of a button, the walls of the venue can be changed into a sun-kissed Caribbean beach, French alpine peaks with snow-covered slopes, or even your own office.
Why not use this venue for your next launch?

Or why not produce a lecture or presentation with the support of visual effects?
Thanks to our flexible Watchout system, we can offer interactive solutions that allow your audience to participate, interact, and engage during your livestream. You can activate several different interaction features, enabling your guests to ask questions, take part in polls, or comment during the broadcast.

We offer all the technology you need for a live broadcast, streaming, or recording.

Visit F1 in 3D and see with your own eyes how we can help your next digital meeting reach new heights

The Studio | A perfect stage for digital lectures

Our event space The Studio has multiple screens, a large video wall, and an inviting stage that is great for hosting interviews, lectures, intimate meetings, press conferences, and presentations.

The stage of The Studio is perfect for live broadcasts or for making recordings to provide digital information to, for example, your customers, staff, or the press.

Visit The Studio in 3D to get a better idea of everything the venue has to offer.

A conference at Fotografiska is like no other conference. With our inspiring venues we offer you a completely unique package. And the food is always the center of attention. We want you to have an extraordinary food experience that leaves you with great aftertaste, for today and for the future.

The interior is minimalistic and clean. You will find the atmosphere, lighting, technology and not to forget, the beautiful view of Stockholm, staggering. We can offer you a fully equipped Fotografiska studio to TV document and/or livestream your event.

At Fotografiska we have lots of venues with flexible furnishing and room for up to 250 people, for a conference or for dinner. We can also arrange mingles for up to 500 people in the same venues. Our biggest venue F1 has a permanent Watchout installation that gives you endless possibilities to visualise you communication during the event.

Send an email to, call 08-50 900 540 or send a booking request and we will get back to you with more information on what we can offer you.

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