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A memory for life

Are you planning a 50th birthday, student party or a reunion? You know that you can also have private parties at Fotografiska. You invite the guests. We arrange everything else.

We have wonderful surroundings and good food. We have drinks, stunning views and inspiring exhibitions. Quite simply an exquisite venue for hosting a party. All you have to do is decide who to invite.

We arrange the event, be it cocktails, dinner, birthday celebrations or a wedding reception. Ease and convenience for you with more time to spend with your guests. Enjoy the festivities while we handle the practicalities!

Send an e-mail to, call +46 (0)8-50 900 540 or use our Booking request and we will together plan how we can turn your party into a memory for life.


Taste sensations that heighten consciousness

Fotografiska's food & drink philosophy, inspired by our creative chef Paul Svensson constantly pushes the boundaries and produces magical flavor and an increased awareness of the world around us – Conscious Cuisine. In the new conscious kitchen, the ingredient is always the focus and we are driven by consideration for both our guests and the earth's resources.

Our organic plant-based kitchen maximizes flavor by using every part of the produce, as little as possible is wasted. Here you can enjoy dishes that harness the most flavor - when every part of the ingredient is utilized, its full potential is achieved: we call this Conscious Cuisine. At Fotografiska, the menus are created based on the best season to offer, whether it be plants, fish or meat. So, its sustainable pleasure that saves the planet.