Sustainable Meetings & Events

At Fotografiska, we offer a unique setting for meetings in a creative environment. In addition to inspiring venues, we are pleased to invite you to enjoy world-class photography, creative workshops, climate-smart and delicious food and drinks and one of Stockholm’s best views. Sustainability is incorporated in the very core of everything we do. It’s in our DNA. At Fotografiska, offering possibilities to hold thoroughly sustainable meetings and events is a given. With a clear vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we strive to constantly inspire, innovate, be inclusive, sustainable and relevant.

Suppliers and partners

We place high demands on our suppliers and partners and actively work to reduce our own carbon footprint. Of course, we generate carbon offsets for your visit.

Project Manager

For meetings and events held at Fotografiska, a project manager will guide you through everything from planning to content and implementation of your event. The project manager can also advise you on how to make your visit as sustainable as possible.


Using a checklist, we will be sure to inspire, inform and work with you in order to ensure a high level of sustainability for your event. “Nothing overlooked” is our motto.

Sustainability goals

The checklist allows us to create sustainability goals linked to the event, with the option of getting feedback on the results after the event.

Food philosophy

The food philosophy at Fotografiska is based on creating taste sensations and simultaneously contributing to increased awareness of sustainability. Our organic and plant-based cuisine maximizes seasonal experiences and tastes. Simply put: We serve sustainable pleasure.

Sustainable transports

We are happy to help you with sustainable transportation options – why not enjoy our beautiful city from the water, and let guests arrive by electric boat? Carpooling is always a good idea. As is walking or cycling, when possible.

Technology and audiovisual experiences

At Fotografiska, we create audiovisual experiences for your event using the latest technology and professional staff. Let us help you in taking your event to the next level. With our Watchout system, you can move between different environments at the touch of a button, and by offering options for world-class physical, digital and hybrid event solutions, we can create engaging meetings with interactive elements, even if some of the guests are not in the building.

Three P’s

There are many aspects to consider when creating sustainable events. We start with people, the planet and profit. A business principle that can be translated into society, our environment, and our economy.

Did you know:

  • Fotografiska, together with dedicated partners, regularly organizes events on various topics related to sustainability. 
  • Fotografiska, together with our partner Carlsberg makes good use of the leftover bread that is used to make beer, and that what remains after that process is used to bake new bread. (Drink beer and save the planet!).
  • Leftover cinnamon buns are ground down into a flour, which is used to bake new buns that have twice as much flavor.
  • A wine bottle can easily be transformed into a glass, a candle holder and a vase, and with the help of ceramicist Anna Lindell, we create ceramics that are made up of 90% of the construction dust from the ongoing work at Slussen and Katarinaberget
  • Deliveries to Fotografiska are often conducted at night, using trucks that run on electricity, to reduce the number of trucks idling during rush hour.
  • We work with carefully chosen suppliers when it comes to food and beverages. One example is the lovely Nile Tilapia from Gårdsfisk, which are raised in closed systems and are the world’s first climate-certified fish.
  • As of summer 2021, we are offering the option to get to/from Fotografiska by electric boat.
  • Green is gorgeous! Since 2021, we offer an inhouse hydroponic garden, with the ambition to be fully self-sufficient in terms of herbs and greens.