Fotografiska best Swedish restaurant

Museum - Open today 10:00 ― 23:00

10:44 - 30 Sep 2019

... and Paul Svensson wins Eat Guide's 360° Action. New 360° Eat Guide and new prizes for sustainable gastronomy – spotlighting food that can be enjoyed in good conscience. When the winners of the ten categories are presented this evening, Fotografiska will be named the best restaurant in Sweden and the third best among the 250 rated in the Nordics.

Moreover, Fotografiska’s trail-blazing chef, Paul Svensson, will receive the 360° Eat Guide Action! prize. This is in recognition of his efforts to implement environmentally relevant initiatives and the clearly measurable effects of his contributions to the restaurant’s ambitions regarding increased sustainability, with a focus on the WWF’s living planet initiative.

We call it sustainable pleasure.

The 360° Eat Guide has arrived, a new restaurant guide with a focus on sustainability and gastronomy that ranks some 250 restaurants in the Nordics. Each restaurant is ranked in terms of its gastronomic experience and approach to sustainability. The assessments are extremely transparent, with a named jury, clearly stipulated official criteria and feedback for those who are ranked.

The core concept of this new guide is centred on fulfilling the broad interest in sustainable gastronomy among both guests and the restaurant industry.  The 360° Eat Guide awards Fotografiska’s restaurant the top ranking in Sweden, with a rating of three circles and 77 points, and third place in the entire Nordic region, out of the 250 restaurants rated.

In conjunction with this, new prizes are being introduced in a number of areas. In addition to restaurants, the 360° Eat Guide is also rewarding various innovators, chefs, producers, hotels and others and is completely independent of the industry.

“We have only the highest praise for this initiative to create a new restaurant guide that so clearly paves the way moving forward. Our top ranking in the 360° Eat Guide’s assessment of Sweden’s restaurants and our winning the 360° Action! prize are also humbling confirmation that our sustainable enjoyment concept works at all levels,” say Fotografiska’s kitchen manager Elvira Lindgren, operations manager F&B Anders Jansson and head chef Paul Svensson.

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