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Jimmy Nelson to the premiere of PhotoMarket Nov 9th

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Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson's project encompassing a book and an app, is unlike anything else. Combining high-tech virtual reality, with ancient life skills from the indigenous peoples he continuously seeks out, this is a completely unique project. Get your ticket for the opening of Fotografiska PhotoMarket, Friday 9 November, and hear him talk about a process that amazes the world and brings new insights into how we're all connected…

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Join us on a journey that will amaze you. Jimmy Nelson shares knowledge from the ancient cultures he's documented with the aid of an app and the latest digital techniques. You'll be truly shocked. The challenge he proposes is for us all to stop defining 'them' as so very different from us, and to instead see how much we have in common – and how much we can learn. This most vital insight is reached not only via the fantastically lavish photo book Homage to Humanity, but also via the app that brings each individual image to life with interviews and films.
We get to be part of the process and nothing is the same again.

Jimmy Nelson, one of the world's most famous photographers, has spent more than 30 years masterfully photographing ancient cultures with whom we share this planet but whose very existence is under threat. With great passion, he strives to create understanding for their virtues and knowledge. In a constant battle against the clock and the prevailing excessive exploitation of our planet, a highly committed Nelson brings to light all that they can teach us with their worldly wisdom, quality of life and ability to live in harmony with nature. Priceless knowledge at a time when we're destroying our planet as the recent realisation of the importance of sustainability (all too) slowly starts to take hold.

Nelson will be attending the Friday premiere of Fotografiska PhotoMarket to talk about his new project, Homage to Humanity, in which he showcases his photographic masterpieces. He consistently succeeds at winning the trust of cultures that are often withdrawn from the outside world, producing highly intimate portrayals. Now he's taking yet another step into the unknown universe, and we get to join him on a journey through ancient wisdom by using the app's 360° technology to visit completely new places, gaining the realisation that there is no us and them – there's simply us. And that the truths held by these indigenous peoples often convey so much insight and wisdom. Insight’s certainly worthy of sharing with many more people than just the members of their tribes and groups, who often live essentially isolated from the rest of the world. A world for which Jimmy Nelson constantly yearns. And thanks to his yearning, all our lives are deeply enriched…

→ Read more and buy your ticket to the premier day at PhotoMarket Nov 9th ←


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