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Last Night in Sweden

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Sweden’s most acclaimed photographers have come together to set the record straight and show what really happened ‘last night in Sweden’ in a visionary new photo-book and exhibition. Sweden’s most acclaimed photographers have come together to set the record straight and show what really happened ‘last night in Sweden’ in a visionary new photo-book and exhibition. Many ‘alternative facts’ about Sweden have been shared recently, most notably when, in February 2017, Donald Trump provocatively referred to ‘what happened last night in Sweden’ – falsely alluding to an incident of terror. Some of the opinions discussed about the Scandinavian country are fuelled by ignorance or serve a hidden agenda, and come from people who have never been to the country itself. While at the same time, social unrest and terrorism do, of course, exist.

Swedish photographers, including World Press Photo of the Year winner, Paul Hansen, now wish to show the country as it really is, from the inside – in its multiplicity, subtle textures, and political, social and cultural nuance – telling the true story of what happened in Sweden ‘last night’.

A collection of brilliant, diverse, and award-winning photojournalists have been commissioned to document everyday life all over Sweden: conveying the country across all social statuses, photos arranged according to the day of the week they were taken. This profound and insightful photo-book encapsulates a true and candid Sweden, and includes all the small moments that rarely make the news but do make up a multifarious and largely prospering country.

The first copy of Last Night In Sweden will be sent to President Trump directly on publication on 7 September, as well as all members of the US Congress and European Parliament.

The title has been funded by a Kickstarter campaign, enabling a wide range of people to participate in the defiance of false news and the creation of an alternative narrative to the mainstream news agenda. £30,000 was raised in one week for the creation of the book, with backers from over 22 countries. The photobook project has now hit its final target of 350,000 SEK.

“The pictures do not depict a paradise or a perfect society, but they are a response to the politicised image of Sweden as a country in crisis.

Because we know that the nation is a daily plebiscite in which we choose what kind of people we want to be.” From Foreword by Henrik Berggren.

Further notes about the project

The Last Night In Sweden project is initiated and managed by the non-for profit foundation Expressions of Humankind. The foundation has initiated and managed documentation projects like A Day in the World, which was the largest-ever single day photography project, documenting a single day in human history, across the world.

Author of the Foreword, Henrik Berggren, is a Swedish journalist, writer and historian. He has written several books, including works on Olof Palme and former UN Deputy Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld.

A selection of photographs from the book will be shown in an exhibition at Fotografiska (Stockholm, Sweden), 12 September – 29 October, 2017. Furthermore, a traveling exhibition will be presented at the European Parliament in Brussels.


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