Utställning | The Garden of Emoji Delights | Carla Gannis | Fotografiska Stockholm

07 April — 13 June, 2021

Carla Gannis

The Garden of Emoji Delights

Carla Gannis is an interdisciplinary artist from New York, USA. She creates and produces digital art that often spurs from the incredible complications and relationships between our reality (IRL) and our alternative, digital reality.

There is humor, darkness and absurdity

She draws inspiration from art history, science and science fiction. Fascinated by digital semiotics, for the work The Garden of Emoji Delights (2014), Gannis experimented by building a remix of Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych Garden of Earthly Delights, for the digital age. Although Bosch’s well-known works are over 500 years old, Gannis wanted to see how well its visual world matched our emoji dictionary, circa now. There is humor, darkness and absurdity. Earthly, cosmological and technological conditions combined.

Gannis believes that the work is both a reflection as well as criticism of human tendencies, ideologies and social constructions that have remained unchanged for centuries, while at other times we can see radical paradigm shifts occur as a result of revolutions.

Carla Ganni holds an MFA in traditional painting from Boston University and is since 2019 working as an Industry Professor at New York University.