February 18, 2022—June 12, 2022

Elizaveta Porodina


On 18 February, Fotografiska will open the doors to its major spring exhibition; окна featuring images by photographer Elizaveta Porodina. With her experimental, dreamlike and occasionally surreal photography, she invites us to merge the past and the contemporary – a journey through time and space. Elizaveta Porodina has become a favourite within the world of fashion and now she is inviting the Swedish public to view her evocative and multifaceted imagery, a parallel universe and window to the mind.

A rising star within fashion photography

34-year-old Elizaveta Porodina is currently one of the leading names in fashion photography, working with fashion houses such as Dior, Moncler and Carolina Herrera. Born in Moscow, Elizaveta Porodina moved to Germany together with her family at the age of 12. Although coming from a professional background in clinical psychology, she decided to pursue a creative career in photography and soon received recognition from both the fashion and the art world. She is currently residing in Munich, yet she considers the world as her home.

While many photographers downsized their work during the pandemic, Elizaveta Porodina chose a different path: she instead increased her unique techniques via zoom and style that quickly became both popular and widely imitated. Elizaveta says that she saw no other option; “Developing and adapting is the true nature of the artist.”

Developing and adapting is the true nature of the artist

A surreal and dreamy reflection

The exhibition окна (stands for window) reflects the past few years of the photographer Elizaveta Porodina’s life and work. Her imagery is surreal, dreamy and intimate, on occasion frightening, haunting and delicate. Tears and water are recurring themes in her images and she draws inspiration from her childhood in Russia, art, history, film and religion.

The exhibition opening on 18 February in Stockholm will be the global premiere, and it will remain on display until 12 June 2022. The exhibition will then be shown at Fotografiska Berlin and Fotografiska New York.

© Elizaveta Porodina - Julia Banas, 2021