September 22 2023 — January 14 2024

Erik Johansson

The Echo Chamber

Have you also wanted to step into the surrealistic imagery of Erik Johansson? Soon you can. In the scenographic exhibition The Echo Chamber at Fotografiska, visitors become part of the artwork. This acclaimed photographer interprets the world around us, explores such phenomena as filter bubbles and echo chambers, and examines what happens when we dare to step outside our own safe zones.


Image above: Filter Bubbles, 2023 © Erik Johansson

The power of perception

The Echo Chamber opens on September 22, an exhibition incorporating three themes to illustrate the complexity of how humans experience the world. Through Erik Johannsson’s new works The Echo Chamber, Filter Bubbles and Painting a World of Our Own, each theme emerges from different spaces to explore the power of perception. The exhibit examines how a shift in our perception can open new doors and perhaps unlock a better future. The Echo Chamber is a unique exhibition experience where visitors step into Erik Johansson’s imagery and become part of the artwork.

– Daring to take a step into the unknown and leave your comfort zone is something that has been recurring in my work for many years

– Daring to take a step into the unknown and leave your comfort zone is something that has been recurring in my work for many years. It's a fairly broad subject that can be illustrated in many ways, but here I have worked more specifically with how we construct our own separate worlds, says Erik Johansson.

three themes and works

In one of the works, echo chambers are examined: the phenomena that occurs when a group of similarly minded individuals only share information and ideas with each other and in this way amplify their own opinions instead of taking in new perspectives. In the echo chamber, their view of the world is never challenged. Instead, it petrifies. Erik Johansson reveals the liberation of being able to expand one’s views to take in new perspectives in life, something that hopefully can lead to a more inclusive approach. The second work highlights filter bubbles, both those created by social media and algorithms and those created by ourselves. Johansson’s portrayal of filter bubbles highlights the thin line separating us from the world while allowing us to overcome this divide. The third work explores the shared world we create and depict together.

The Echo Chamber is an exhibit that really forces us to reflect over which bubbles we each live in and hopefully allows us to gain new insights into how we can broaden our perspectives. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Erik Johansson again and to be able to experience his always striking and thought-provoking dreamworld, says Sofia Liljergren, exhibition producer at Fotografiska Stockholm.

The Echo Chamber has been created by Fotografiska Stockholm with the philanthropic H&M Foundation as exhibition partner and Planethon as knowledge partner within the theme of social sustainability. The exhibition will be open at Fotografiska from September 22, 2023 to January 14, 2024.

About Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is an acclaimed Swedish-born artist based in Prague, who creates images by combining photographic elements and other materials into surrealistic scenes. He exhibits around the world, and his last exhibit at Fotografiska was Place Beyond in 2019. Last spring, he released the book of photos Make Believe, a collection of a hundred of his best photographs and drawings.

Erik Johansson, Photo: © Julian Erksmeyer
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