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06 December, 2019 — 15 March, 2020

Erik Johansson

Places Beyond

Erik Johansson is the wizard that, with equal amounts technical skill, curiosity, and boundless imagination, manages to conjure up worlds that at first feel familiar to us, until we realise that they are not familiar at all.

make you reflect on what we are doing to the planet

Managing to create places that challenge both reality and your imagination – that is what artist and photographer Erik Johansson does. His skilfully composed, surrealistic photographs invite the viewer to an exciting journey.

One where each detail is carved out to take you beyond reality, to the stories of the surreal reality.

The stories that, among other things, are meant to make you reflect on what we are doing to the planet.

Stories and scenes kind of pop up. I see them constantly around me, and love to explore them...

...I become more and more interested in telling these stories, in surprising the viewer and making them think, for example about what we are doing to our dear planet, Erik Johansson says.

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