Christian Tagliavini | The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini

09 March — 10 June, 2018

Christian Tagliavini

The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini

There are those who turn control into an art form. People who take charge of everything, down to the smallest detail, and create unique and strange worlds that stir the viewer’s imagination. One such artist is Christian Tagliavini (1971). Whose exhibition The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini at Fotografiska, 9 March-10 June, will feature works sprung from the need to document the extraordinary worlds that he builds from scratch. Works as rich as a film, in a single frame. An exhibition that invites the viewers to expand their imagination.

always driven by a desire for change

Tagliavini’s fascination with photography began when he first attended an exhibition with the legendary fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

“I was completely bowled over by his technique, by his precise way of working. It was at that very moment I decided to explore photography as a means of expression. Since then I have just carried on,” Christian Tagliavini explains.

Tagliavini’s exploration has resulted in works in greatly varying genres, always driven by a desire for change and process.

“It has always been important to me to continue developing. Even though I sometimes get mad at myself. Why do I insist on exposing myself to new problems and new unknown worlds? But the thing is, I love the process of solving problems, of succeeding with something completely new, whether it is creating unique wallpaper or going from working in a classic manner with wood to super-modern 3d-printers.”

This Swiss-Italian artist and photographer lives and works in the south of Switzerland. His imagination, however, is never stagnant.

Tagliavini trained in both design and architecture and creates art with a special mix of craftsmanship and photography. He is often involved in extended processes, sometimes taking years to complete works that hover in the borderland between history, reality and fantasy...

...Every detail in his work is unique, whether it is the wallpaper in the background of a photograph or some mysterious headgear. He garners inspiration from major story-tellers like Jules Verne and Renaissance masters. It is a great pleasure to present Christian Tagliavini’s extraordinary world here at Fotografiska, which makes the world bigger for all of us, Johan Vikner, Exhibition Manager at Fotografiska, explains.

Feelings are the most important thing in life

The former graphic designer is today a highly respected photographer with a unique style who has entered the world of 3D technology, where he (again) breaks new ground by combining various devices. It is a style in which craftsmanship in combination with an artistic vision results in iconic photography. Once you have seen a work by Tagliavini you will remember it forever. It matters little whether it is a woman with a beautiful and rather long neck, a documentation of Jules Verne’s tour of the underwater world or a dreamy landscape. Each photograph is like a scene that harbours its own story (in which the viewer is co-creator).

Perhaps most significant is his ability to make each photograph contain a unique world – a world that tells its own story, in which the viewer is very much involved. Because what is it you are looking at: an authentic portrait of a person from the real world or an imaginary being from a time that has perhaps never existed?

Triggering the viewer’s imagination is an integral part of an artwork, according to Tagliavini.

“For me, it is important that the process is not too defined so that the viewers do not immediately understand what the photographs depict, or my thoughts about them. Instead, I want to provoke ideas and, more importantly, feelings. Feelings are the most important thing in life and people who have been affected by my projects often share all sorts of reactions with me. Some people are touched and others upset. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as there are feelings.”

Christian Tagliavini | The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini