17 January — 9 March, 2014

Johan Rheborg


Johan Rheborg has photographed his actor colleagues for many years, often backstage, while waiting to make an entrance, during pauses on film sets, or in the dressing room before or after a show.

klassiskt dokumentärt manér

As an actor, Rheborg has access to the spaces offstage and the people who choose to spend a large part of their lives there. When Rheborg exits the stage and enters this, to him, well-known and familiar environment, he changes perspectives and becomes the observer. Quietly and unassumingly, and with empathy in the classic documentary manner, he captures situations that arise. A self-absorbed clicking on a mobile phone, a final look at the script, a glance at the person and character in the mirror in the makeup room, or a gaze into the camera that goes straight through the viewer and turns back and inwards.

“Often when we sit together backstage I am silent. Sometimes they think I’m in a bad mood or uncertain, but often I’m just sitting there, listening, thinking. I’m an observer...

I am neither uninterested nor indifferent, but I can be quiet for long periods, just studying their mouths moving. I prefer to speak when I’m done thinking. Or to take a picture.” - Johan Rheborg

Rheborg constantly explores the moment of concentration and anticipation just before the show begins. It is a bubble of silent waiting – of time standing still. He enjoys the confidence of his colleagues and he has a personal relationship to this quiet room of focused energy.

Johan Rheborg is a professional actor and a celebrated comedian.

Thomas Wågström, Curator