24 september — 08 november, 2010

Lars Tunbjörk


Lars Tunbjörk’s video installation entitled Wunder-baum is comprised of a series of photographs of flowers and constructed nature scenes, taken over a period of years at garden fairs in Stockholm.

reflect the Swedes’ love for nature in an absurd way

Tunbjörk (b. 1956) is interested in exploring how flowers are utilized within the commercial environment, and how nature is reconstructed and presented. Additionally these reconstructions reflect the Swedes’ love for nature in an absurd way. The flower images are integrated with a series of car interiors photographed through parked car windows in Stockholm.

Mats Gustafsson (b. 1964), one of the most distinguished names in contemporary improvisational music, has composed an electronic soundtrack to accompany Tunbjörk’s images. Gustafsson tours the world and collaborates regularly with bands such as Sonic Youth, Peter Brötzmann, and his own band The Thing. The video is directed by Greger Ulf Nilson, who, since the beginning of the 1990s, has collaborated with Lars Tunbjörk on book and exhibition designs.
Additionally, the DVD, Wunder-baum, will be released under GunGallery.

Running time: 17 minutes.

Photography: Lars Tunbjörk
Music: Mats Gustafsson
Idea: Jan Broman
Director: Greger Ulf Nilson
Selection: Linnéa Bergman Sjöstrand, Greger Ulf Nilson
Editing: Linnéa Bergman Sjöstrand, Greger Ulf Nilson
Assistant: Teitur
Producer: Greger Ulf Nilson
Production: Fotografiska