“The analogue technique suits me, because I don’t want too much control over my pictures,” Lu Kowski explains. “At least not when I shoot them. I want to focus on the moment and not on technique. If I fail, I fail.”

Her photographic expression displays some similarities to that of contemporary photographers such as Anders Petersen, Antoine D’Agata and Jacob Aue Sobol. But Lu Kowski is no imitator; she is not even inspired by her predecessors.

“Looking at old pictures and photo books is only confusing”, she claims. “But I can be inspired by a photographer’s personality.”

Lu Kowski depicts her inner world and feelings. It is a frightening, strange universe full of darkness, exposedness and alienation, but also of passion, love and intimacy. Lu Kowski’s imagery is intense, courageous, naked – even provocative.

But what is it that we see? Is it love – interplay or exploitation? What do we feel when faced with Lu Kowski’s images? This is an imagery both repellent and enticing.