30 August — 24 November, 2019

Lu Yang

Delusional Mandala

Lu Yang create virtual pieces that take inspiration from icons of youth culture, but that is permeated by questions surrounding neuroscience and the body’s chemical reactions, and even by religious ideas surrounding suffering and condemnation.

hyper realistic journey through brain surgery

Delusional Mandala is Lu’s first video piece where she appears before the public as an anime inspired character placed in a peculiar universe, created by the artist herself. In an immersive video, accompanied by anime- and sci-fi-inspired music, Delusional Mandala follow Lu’s genderless 3D avatar’s hyper realistic journey through brain surgery, enlightenment and a funeral, mid air in cyber space. A voice over depicts the avatar’s many levels of transformation and the work’s consciously chaotic expression is taken from Tibetan Buddhism, cult movies and Japanese anime. Shifting between cultural and scientific imagery, and different genders and pronounce, the piece plays a part in the global debate about the individual identity’s variability.

LuYang_Delusiona_lMandala_2015_03 Courtesy of Walther Collection
© Lu Yang, Delusional Mandala 2015 03 Courtesy of Walther Collection