30 September, 2015 — 07 February, 2016

Magnus Wennman / Aftonbladet

Där barnen sover

Where do the children, fleeing from the Syrian war and the terror of IS, go when the night falls? The exhibition ”Where the children sleep” is a cooperation between Fotografiska for Life, photographer Magnus Wennman and Aftonbladet #ViHjälper.

when everything that once was no longer exists

A boy is missing his bed. A girl, her doll with the dark eyes. A third child is dreaming of a time when the pillow was not an enemy. The war in Syria has continued for almost five years and more than two million children are fleeing the war, within and outside of the country borders. They have left their friends, their homes, and their beds behind. A few of these children offered to show where they sleep now, when everything that once was no longer exists.

Magnus Wennman, winner of two World Press Photo Awards and fourfold winner of Swedish Photographer of the Year Award, has met child refugees in countless refugee camps and on their journeys through Europe. The stories taking place when the night comes is a living narrative with no given ending. Fotografiska and Aftonbladet aim to recognize the vulnerable situation of these children who have been displaced by war in order to support the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR. To help UNHCR help fleeing children, you can send an SMS with the word FLYKT150 to 729 80 to give SEK 150 to UNHCR. You can also send a Swish with any amount to 123 90 01 645. (Please note that these numbers only work with a telephone registered in Sweden.)