4 FEBRUARY 2023— 7 MAY 2023

Mohau Modisakeng & Yang Yongliang

Passage & Glows in the Arctic

This spring, Fotografiska is showing two acclaimed video works: Glows in the Arctic by New York-based Chinese artist Yang Yongliang and Passage by South African artist Mohau Modisakeng.

magnificent digital video works

In February, Fotografiska Stockholm opens its doors to two magnificent digital video works. The first, Glows in the Arctic, is a work by New York-based Chinese artist Yang Yongliang that he created from 2020 to 2022, during the Corona pandemic. The work was inspired by a time of isolation, where countries became more separated than ever. Yongliang, who lives his life in both New York and Shanghai, experienced the impact of the pandemic on people in each place.

Glows in the Arctic

Shows urban environments from different continents, from places like New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, London and Tokyo, and how they change as a result of a lockdown. Yongliang’s unique imagery is characterized by digital landscape painting, and his skills have evolved in tandem with digital imaging technology.

Mohau Modisakeng

In the same exhibition space, a video work by South African artist Mohau Modisakeng, who lives and works between Johannesburg and Cape Town, will be shown for the second time. His work touches on topics such as race, the militarization of society and the deep divisions in post-apartheid South Africa. The video work Passage is a three-channel projection that meditates on slavery’s dismemberment of African identity and its enduring erasure of personal histories. In Passage, the flow of water, as life-giving as it is deadly, symbolizes these people and their journey.

The exhibition with Glows in the Arctic and Passage is on show at Fotografiska Stockholm from February 4th to May 7th.

Passage 4, 2017. Courtesy Mohau Modisakeng ,WHATIFTHEWORLD and Gallery Ron Mandos