Refik Anadol | Latent History | Fotografiska Stockholm

06 July — 25 August, 2019

Refik Anadol

Latent History

Refik Anadol’s Latent History takes the viewer on a journey through a beautiful, yet thought-provoking work projected on a 55 metre-wide by 3.5 metre-high screen in Fotografiska’s large exhibition hall. It’s a never-before-seen portrayal of Stockholm, as envisioned by machines, using algorithms revealing the hidden history found in archives and old photographs stretching back 150 years.

giving them a life

Imagine taking abstract data streams and turning them into a reality. By collecting a huge amount of digital information from different data sources, interpreting them artistically, and then giving them a life, one could present alternative histories that never actually happened. This is life for Refik Anadol. Born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey, this multiple award-winning artist, designer and director works with location-specific, digital visual artworks based on datasets, data stream collections and interpretation.

The digital revolution will continue to affect us in ways we find difficult to grasp...

...So much is happening in so many areas for the first time, and we’re continually breaking new ground. Such as here, producing art based on a machine’s vision, a kind of journey in time and space interpreting what has been, and creating alternative scenarios of what could have been, says Anadol.

Refik Anadol | Latent History | Fotografiska Stockholm