Museum - Open today 10:00 ― 20:00

Pre-book your ticket prior to your visit

For your safety, you need to pre-book your ticket by choosing the date and time. Your time at the museum starts the time you've booked, whether you plan to experience the exhibitions first or enjoy the restaurant on floor 2. For us to be able to keep track of the number of guests in our house, you can't get in before your booked slot. We have slots every fifteen minutes which welcomes 8 guests at a time.

Don't forget to keep a distance. Below on this page, you can read about our implemented additional measures.


Log in with your username and password (log in here) and then you'll be able to book your visit without cost on this page.

Children, students and seniors

Free entrance for children under the age of 12, reduced price for students and seniors. Please prepare to show a valid ID and membership certificate at the entrance.

(Ticket purchases works in all browsers but Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You also need to have your bank card open for internet purchases)

Information in response to Covid-19

Fotografiska closely follows the restrictions issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding our operations and Covid-19. Fotografiska takes the spread of infection seriously and is happy to take its responsibility. New measures will be introduced continually and may be subject to change. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

Reschedule pre-purchased tickets for free
Have you already purchased a ticket and would like to reschedule? Naturally, we are happy to help you reschedule your visit. The easiest way to do this is to contact us at You can also use this address if you have any other queries about your planned visit.

Fotografiska remains open but is implementing additional measures
• We are reducing the maximum number of guests per time slot to 8 to reduce the number of people visiting our 3300 m² premises at the same time.
• No drop-in tickets are being sold. That is, you cannot turn up at the museum without a pre-purchased ticket.
• We are reintroducing time-limited tickets that allow a 90-minute museum visit.
• You can still eat lunch here at Fotografiska, but we are only accommodating a limited number of diners. This means drop-in only Monday to Sunday. Dinner reservations can be made as usual for now.
• Even if you have booked a table, you are not allowed to turn up early to wait in the restaurant.
• We have additional museum attendants on duty for the time being to ensure a safe and reassuring flow of guests through the building.
• We are reintroducing automatic messages over the PA system to remind guests to keep their distance in the museum
• We offer digital guided tours. Email us at for more information.

Measures previously implemented by Fotografiska also remain in place
• Floor markings reminding you to keep your distance
• We have placed floor markings throughout the building to make it easy, straightforward, and practical to keep the appropriate distance. All guests are requested to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.
• Hand sanitizer and cleaning
• We have made hand sanitizer available where we believe our guests may need or want to use it.
• We are also cleaning the premises more regularly to ensure that you are met by a sparklingly clean environment during your visit.
• We have reduced the number of tables in the restaurant


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