The Earth is Only a Little Dust Under Our Feet

“If there is a place to believe in magic, then Iceland must be that place”, says Bego Antón (b. 1983, Spain) about the Nordic island where more than half of the people believe in the existence of elves, trolls, fairies and monsters.

Rather than simply document the gorgeous Icelandic scenery, Antón decided to combine the mysterious landscapes with portraits of shamans, witches, and scientists. This turns her book, The Earth is Only a Little Dust Under Our Feet, into a magical place of its own, making it easy to believe that it is inhabited by wondrous creatures.


Her work asks that we reconsider whether we are able to see everything with only our five senses, whether there might be more dimensions than those that meet the eye.   In Icelandic folklore, these magical beings are everywhere, living together with humans and even talking to them. Antón spoke to countless people who have not only seen fairies or unicorns, but have had meaningful interactions with them. Children in Iceland are not to throw rocks, because they might accidentally hit an elf.


Antón’s portraits are real and surreal at the same time, as if they were captured in a state of half-sleep. Regardless of whether it’s reality or fantasy, the pages of this book are a portal to another world.



GUP 12-18

Published: 2019