Fotografiska Tallinn

Opening hours

Closed today
Closed today
10:00 - 19:00

All day breakfast 10-18

Cafe - Open today 10:00 ― 19:00

Exhibition experiences need a time and place to share impressions. On our first floor, there is a cosy cafe with a healthy breakfast menu, homemade pastries and fresh coffee, so you could take a moment for fika - a pleasure of life and being. Suitable for enjoying on the spot and on the go - always with sustainability and a more conscious world in mind.

Chia pudding (V,G) | 4.5
Fresh berries | coconut milk | coconut flakes | matcha

Foto granola | 4.5
Rhubarb jam | Pajumäe yogurt

Overnight oats (V)| 4.5
Soy milk | apple | raw chocolate | flax seeds | Koksvere flakes

Vegan potato pancakes (V,L) | 6.8
Dill and caper sauce | Foto kimchi | roheline salat

Oven omelette with mushrooms (G) | 5.8
Free-range eggs | dill and capers sauce

Warm buckwheat salad | 6.5
Free-range eggs | dill and capers sauce


JIMMY (whole/half) 5|3
Foto kimchi | chicken | Gouda cheese | cilantro | Foto sourdough bread

ALICE (V) (whole/half) 5|3
Aubergine hummus | spicy tomato jam | vegan chese | Foto sourdough bread

Anja (L) (whole/half) 5|3
Cold smoked salmon | ramson pesto| pickled red onion | Foto sourdough

For Kids

Organic buckwheat with sour cream | 2
Oven baked omelette with cheese | 3
Potato pancakes with sour cream | 3


Poached egg 2 | cold smoked salmon 2 | bacon 1 | kimchi 1 | roasted chicken 2 | mushrooms 1


Orange + grapefruit

Orange + grapefruit + turmeric

Apple + spinach + cucumber


Coconut milk | pineapple | lime

Cinamon | almond milk | dates

Coconut milk | banana | lime

Due to the spread of Covid-19 in Estonia, we operate with care and responsibility regarding each others health.
All ceaning and disinfection procedures at all locations in the house are increased. Our service staff constantly disinfects their hands as well as tables and chairs after each guest.
We keep in mind the 2+2 rule, in that respect also place indoors as well as courtyard tables accordingly. We kindly ask you to wash or disinfect your hands upon arrival as well as before departure, for that disinfect facilities are available in various visible locations. Also, please note that payment at site is by card only.
Should you have symptoms like cough, stuffy nose or fever, please stay at home and visit us via , for food orders also via WOLT.

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