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Dinner and Lunch

From leaf to root, from nose to tail

Fotografiska uses the power of photography to unite, spread awareness and create a positive impact in society. This mindset is well integrated in everything we do. By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to raise the level of awareness and question what we eat, drink and take for granted - nudging society towards more sustainable habits.

The restaurant will work with a zero-waste mindset to build an inspiring restaurant focused on an extensive care for the environment.

Culinary lead, chef Peeter Pihel has a global experience from restaurants in Estonia, Sweden, and France. Such as Fäviken Magasinet in Jarpen Sweden and Fulgurances in Paris France. In 2017 Peeter was a chef for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

We're not a fine-dining restaurant, we focus on making delicious and honest food by applying the ‘from leaf to root, from nose to tail’ principle. We use all our fresh local produce to the maximum, whether preparing a dish in the kitchen or mixing a cocktail behind the bar.



Cured carrot with mandarin seabuckthorn glaze 9
/ carrot hummus / seed crisp

Birch coal grilled jerusalem artichoke 9
/ grilled leek / fermented kohlrabi / crispy cask´s end / Grand Old cheese sauce

Beetroots marinated in house kombucha with salted white fish 9
/ compost baked onion / fresh horseradish / crispy fish skin / spiced Baltic sprat sauce

Muhu lamb tartar with kimchi mayo 11.5
/ pickled and fermented veggies / crispy chicken skin


Pumpkin whey soup with roasted chestnut 11
/ roasted pumpkin / marinated pumpkin / white fish roe

Sourdough noodles with mushroom broth 11
/ pickled mushrooms / white radish / grilled kale / black garlic oil

Celeriac & celery 13
/ fermented grilled celeriac / salted celery / celeriac bottarga

Compost baked local onion 13
/ mushrooms / miso-jerusalem artichoke cream / jerusalem artichoke crisps


Oven warm spiced pumpkin cake 6
/ pumpkin seed ice cream / blueberry-meadowsweet sauce / blackcurrant-juniper meringue

Dark chocolate mousse 6
/ beetroot roasted in used coffee grounds / crispy cocoa nibs / wild cherry sorbet

Andre Grand Old cheese 6
/ quince-gooseberry jam / seed crisp

Fotografiska ice cream & sorbet 2.5
/ ask what we have today (scoops)

360° set menu

/ Four courses 38

1# Herring roe with sourdough waffles
2# Pumpkin-whey soup with chestnuts
3# Local onion baked in compost
4# Dark chocolate mousse

Matching wines 30

All our dishes are prepared to the complete pleasure, but if you feel like extra fish or
meat, then please add as a side. Ask for today’s selection (extra fish/ meat +5.5)

For Kids

Jerusalem artichoke crisps with dip 3

Sourdough noodles 4

Roasted veggies 5
with fish/with meat

Blueberry soup with blackcurrant meringue 3

Fotografiska ice cream/sorbet
/ 1 scoop 2.5

We constantly experiment and try new things, thus the menu can change.

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