19 august, 2022 – 15 january, 2023

Cho Gi-Seok


Cho Gi-Seok is constantly searching for beauty in his imaginative work. His photographs are distinguished by a strong composition, where everything from light and colour to objects and clothing is carefully planned. He is one of Asia’s most interesting fashion photographers and artists.

About the exhibition

One word he often comes back to in his work is coexistence. From his perspective, everything around us – every flower, living being, place, and digital thing – is affected by everything else, and that is what constitutes our lives: humanity, nature, and even machines are all meant to live together, side by side.

Cho always strives to capture the beauty that is created in his imagination. He wants to portray human existence from the perspective of his generation, and his portraits of both people and flowers reflect the multifaceted nature of Korean culture and the beauty that lies in the harmony of opposites. The artist often uses butterflies and a wide variety of flowers in his work, and it is through these motifs that his style and visual language is recognised. Flowers symbolise peace, harmony and unity with nature. They also remind the viewer of the importance of protecting and living in balance with the environment.

© Cho Gi-Seok, Flower study #18


Cho Gi-Seok
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