20 May, 2022 — 18 September, 2022

Cooper & Gorfer

Between these folded walls, Utopia

What are you holding on to? Where is your secret place of belonging? If you had to leave everything behind and start again – who would you be?

Humanitarian tragedies caused by wars and the pervasive effects of climate change are causing immeasurable waves of migration and suffering. They make us wonder, can we imagine a better world? Struck by the realisation that we are living in a loss of Utopia, Cooper & Gorfer work with young women in local communities whose lives have been shattered by forced migration. What are these women’s dreams, identities and secret longings?

© Cooper & Gorfer, Anonymous Landscape

The exhibition is based on the current political reality. Out of a deep interest in the human story, the artists have created a playful utopian theatre, reminding us that we are all caught up in an imaginary world of our own interpretations and images from our cultural background. The protagonists of the brightly coloured portraits are young women, portrayed as goddesses, whose lives and self-determination have been shattered.


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Cooper & Gorfer present ‘Between These Folded Walls, Utopia’ at Fotografiska, NY
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Between These Folded Walls, Utopia – A Photographic Exhibition by Cooper & Gorfer
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