04 February, 2022 – 15 May, 2022

Kaupo Kikkas

Inner Cosmos

The overarching theme of “Sisekosmos” by Estonia’s beloved photographer Kaupo Kikkas is the relationship between man and his environment, the magic of life and the surreal loneliness of human life. The kind of solitude that is neither positive nor negative, but leaves room for feelings and thoughts that would otherwise not surface.

Kikkas’s photographs tell visual stories of nature and people and the relationship between them, which we often tend to forget as we immerse ourselves in our daily lives. We are part of nature and nature can do without us, but we cannot do without nature. A strong sideline running through the exhibition is a concern for man and his environment, but this concern certainly does not reflect hopelessness. The compelling black and white photographs, created with a perfectly timed click of a button, will undoubtedly touch anyone who even sometimes likes to contemplate being human.

"The environment is undeniably the character of Inner Cosmos, who combines dreamlike with realistic and places these people in a geographical point that, with its nature, has largely defined who I am as an author. To underline the importance of the environment, landscapes without people, which I call the solstices, became a line in their own right."

– Kaupo Kikkas

©Kaupo Kikkas – Aednik