21 april, 2023 – 29 october, 2023

Miles Aldridge

Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn. Photographs 1999 - 2020

A recurring theme in Miles Aldridge’s work is the false promise of luxury. His photographs depict psychedelic interiors furnished with the seemingly trapping comforts of mid-century American suburbia: shiny kitchen appliances, candy-coloured telephones and well-groomed pets – all with the aim of expressing personal success. His photographs of homelike environments are often underlined with a bittersweetness which is a personal reflection of Aldridge’s childhood memories of his mother after a devastating divorce.

Aldridge’s work interweaves historical motifs with contemporary ones and subtly references art historical canons. He rarely allows the real world to intrude into the imaginary – through his lens, even reality appears artificial.

The exhibition is a major retrospective of the British artist and photographer’s work, including more than 50 works shot on film and portraits of celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Viola Davis, Michael Fassbender and Donatella Versace.

Everything has become identical in a way. My work comes from my imagination and I believe my view of the world is far more ‘real’ than the world outside. This is my reality.

– Miles Aldridge

© Miles Aldridge - Donatella Versace, 2007