22 april, 2022 – 14 august, 2022

Pixy Liao

Your gaze belongs to me

The stereotypical role of the Chinese woman as a wife and mother who selflessly cares for others has never been Liao’s ideal. The artist’s goal is to be an independent woman, defined not by classical norms but by something else – something unknown. Liao’s project was initiated by the reaction of her friends, who considered her lover, Moro, 5 years younger than the artist, too young for Liao. Moro became the woman’s muse, and the artist’s photographs began to portray the unusual dynamic between a man and a woman.

Pixy Liao challenges the traditional stereotype of the male-female relationship and therefore this exhibition does not leave anyone neutral, evoking emotions depending on the viewer, be it confusion, joy, amusement, disgust, surprise or a sense of belonging. Liao’s work does not merely break gender roles, but also makes us think about other practices that we traditionally consider normal in romantic relationships.

Moro made me realise that heterosexual relationships do not have to be standard. The aim of this experiment has been to tear myself away from the classical relationship model to achieve a completely new balance.

- Pixy Liao

© Pixy Liao, After Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss (2019)



Pixy Liao Straddles the Male and Female Gaze
Loe lisa


Pixy Liao’s provocative photos subvert the artist-muse dynamic
Loe lisa


Pixy Liao - Experimental relationship
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