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Bryan Adams’ exhibition Exposed opened tomorrow in Fotografiska Tallinn

Museum - Open today 09:00 ― 19:00

Intimate and compelling - the portraits by Bryan Adams have placed him on the world stage alongside the most celebrated photographers working today.  Well known, of course, for his success as a singer, songwriter and producer; his photographic output has spanned more than 20 years and earned him equally remarkable critical acclaim. 


This exhibition consists of three photographic series that reflect his works as a portrait photographer, from celebrity and glamour to trauma and hardship.

The photographs that make up Exposed, the namesake to this exhibition, throw the spotlight on familiar faces from the worlds of entertainment, fashion and the arts. Adams has provided us with access to the closed and seemingly carefree realm of celebrity and escapism. However, the title of the exhibition hints at hidden depths: What happens to people who are exposed 24:7? What do these revealing portraits say about life behind the façade of celebrity?

At first glance, Adams’ collection of portraits entitled Wounded: The Legacy of War could not be more different. Documenting injured British soldiers after returning from foreign missions in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2000s, these images bear the visible scars of mutilation and conflict. Often raw and unsettling, sometimes humorous and heart-warming – this startling series captures the bitter aftermath of warfare and defiance of the human spirit.

The Homeless portraits tell a similar tale of tenacity in spite of – indeed, often as a result of – adversity. They capture members of London’s homeless community who sell The Big Issue magazine, which exists to offer these individuals the chance to earn a legitimate income, thereby helping them to reintegrate into mainstream society. These images each depict a character beyond social and economic circumstance. Highlighting their plight, the works hope to break down barriers caused by misconceptions and prejudice.

Bryan Adams was born in Kingston/Ontario, Canada, in 1959 and we was inducted into the Royal Photographic Society in 2015. His creative output remains as prolific as ever and does his commitment to global issues.

This exhibition at Fotografiska Tallinn marks the first time that Bryan Adams’ photography has ever been shown in Estonia. The exhibition is opened from March 6th till June 14th.

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