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Fotografiska Tallinn's opening exhibition: “Homage to Humanity” by Jimmy Nelson

Museum - Open today 09:00 ― 21:00

In June the Stockholm-based internationally renowned Fotografiska will be opened in Tallinn, Telliskivi Creative City. It's a meeting place where photography, good food, music, design and open way of thinking get together. Among the first four opening exhibitions is British photographer Jimmy Nelson's "Homage to Humanity" – an immersive experience that invites you on an extraordinary journey to the remotest and most beautiful places on earth.

Jimmy Nelson is as much a director and scenographer as he is a photographer. In his images, he works with attention to detail, setting the stage with meticulous care. It is all about perfection - a measured balance of shapes, colours, and, most of all, light. Natural light, the only kind he uses, demands a lot of time. It means that he can be working on one image for several hours, or days, before he reaches what he's after – the magic, enchanting atmosphere that the right light brings.

The exhibition contains images going back almost 20 years. Over time you can observe a refinement of the original concept, but the idea remains the same. "It's important to document this before it disappears," Jimmy Nelson says, "because when it disappears, we lose something too: we lose our origin, where we're coming from."

"Homage to Humanity" is a substantial exhibition; it includes almost a hundred pieces. "We are honored that his exhibition's world premiere will be here in Tallinn from where the next stops are Fotografiska Stockholm and Fotografiska New York."

Although Jimmy Nelson moves across the entire globe, from the tundra of Siberia to the islands of the South Pacific, all his images have something in common. It is the photographer's relationship with these cultures. It's all built on trust, understanding, and vulnerability in the communication – sometimes even without common language – between photographer and the peoples. Nelson places these indigenous communities in a podium-like place. He wants to show the nobility in man, and so enhances this in his images. "I want to find, celebrate, put these cultures on a pedestal and say: look at these extraordinary people, how beautiful they are," describes the photographer.

"It also feels right that he depicts his models that way, with pride and dignity. If it seems as though the images are getting too close, he suggests that we see them as mirrors. That way we will see ourselves, and we all want to be portrayed with respect," Rain Tamm adds.

Next, to Nelson's established iconic photography, this exhibition is accompanied by the 2019 WEBBY Award winning mobile application that makes it possible to scan every photograph of the exhibition and bring them to life with behind the scenes films, storytelling, and interviews. The app allows people from all generations and cultures to see the making of the work and to understand the process behind it.

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