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09:00 - 01:00
09:00 - 01:00
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Photo Tour

Museum - Open today 09:00 ― 01:00

Getting a guided tour is a special experience. Whether it makes you relax or make your heart beat faster. A guided tour adds so many extra dimensions to both you and your view of the piece you're watching. Every person has his or her own interpretation, each picture speaks its own language and together they make your visit an everlasting memory.

Photo tours can be private or with a company. See below for more details.

Group Photo Tours

As a visual language, photography plays a big part of our daily communication. We offer customized tours that are suited to groups of a certain age or topics to enhance your visit and experience. We promise you an inspirational visit that surely will awaken new thoughts.

  • Length of the tour is 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Maximum number of participants is 25
  • Tours are done in Estonian, English or Russian.
  • Price of the tour is 50 EUR per group. A discounted exhibitions ticket of 7 EUR per person is added.
  • Price of the tour for students is 35 EUR per group. A discounted exhibitions ticket of 5 EUR per person is added.
  • For the best Fotografiska Friends the tours are for free. See more about Friends here.

Regular Photo Tours

We also have tours on a weekly basis. You can come just by yourself or bring some company with you.

  • At 5PM
  • Tuesdays in Russian
  • Wednesdays in Estonian
  • Thursdays in English
  • Price is 5 EUR per person + exhibitions' ticket.
  • For best Fotografiska Friends the tours are for free. Learn more about them here.

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