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We are inspired by the seasons in the forests, seas, and countryside. We want to offer you the best food experience, working with zero-waste concept, using everything from bloom to root, nose to tail, in the kitchen, bar and pastries. Minimal leftovers will become compost overnight and find its way back to the fields and gardens. Simple, honest and good. The soul behind our restaurant is the passionate sustainable food pioneer, the leader in modern Estonian tastes Peeter Pihel, a man, whose career has been wide from Muhu island (Pädaste) to Sweden (Fäviken Magasinet) and France (Fulgurance). Estonian Restaurant guide White Guide 2021 awarded us with Masterclass 3rd place.

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Tue-Sat 12-23
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Zucchini (V) 9.5
kimchi / black lemon / green strawberries

Tomato 10.5
tomato – whey broth / very fresh goat cheese / blackcurrant leaf oil

Squid 12
seaweed mayonnaise / salted cucumber / red onion
/ furikake

Tartar 13
grass-fed beef / salted cucumber & green tomato salad / toasted black bread mayo / pickled chantarelles

Cavatelli (V*) 13
handmade pasta / kale cream / greens from our rooftop garden / ramson capers

*add nutritional yeast or cheese

Potato 13.5
chanterelles / compost baked onion / Hollandaise / dill oil

Trout 16
garden greens curry / terrace microgreens / local chickpeas

Quail 17
housemade nduja – carrot cream / local sumac spiced carrots / grilled green onion oil

Foto mess 7
currants / blackcurrant leaf sugar meringue / goat milk cottage cheese
/ blackcurrant leaf matcha

Wastless banana (V) 8
aquafaba meringue / chocolate sorbet / crispy cocoa & buckwheat

Petit fours 5
sweet bites from our kitchen, ask for todays selection

Hõbe farm goat cheese 7
apple mostarda / walnuts in house sourdough beer syrup

4 – course menu 44

/Our seasons are often just a few weeks long. They have inspired chefs throughthe ages and are also the basis for this 4-course menu. We want to keep up with the nature, making use of the best our country has to offer. /

Let us surprise you – ask what we have prepared today. 

Fotografiska charcuterie for two 13
/ our house dry aged hams and sausages / waste less sourdough / fermented vegetables

Baked Camambert 12
confit garlic / waste less sourdough bread

Chicken liver paté 8
salted currants / rhubarb chutney / waste less sourdough bread

Fermented vegetables & kimchi cucumber 6

Check out the menu here!​

Sustainable pleasure

Fotografiska uses the power of photography to unite, spread awareness and create a positive impact in society. This mindset is well integrated in everything we do. By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to raise the level of awareness and question what we eat, drink and take for granted - nudging society towards more sustainable habits. The restaurant will work with a zero-waste mindset to build an inspiring restaurant focused on an extensive care for the environment. Sustainability practices will run like a read thread throughout the restaurant. The minimal food waste that is left will be put into a bin where after 24 hours compost is created. That will be handed to farmers providing us with ingredients or to nearby restaurants who grow their own herbs. Flower boxes are made out of an old church tower's tin sheets, used oven plates got a new life as bread trays and empty wine bottles are used as vases. We try to keep sustainable and balanced principles in everything we do and this way inspire our guests to follow the same. We will follow the Fotografiska food and beverage philosophy of Sustainable Pleasure, which is founded on the concept of food tasting good while doing good for the world.

Gift sets

Our inspiration are the seasons, the sea and forests. We aim to offer you the best of dining experiences and the idea of zero waste is our guide. From blossom to roots, from nose to tail, everything finds use in our kitchen, bar and brand products. The little waste that remains, becomes compost and goes back to farmers fields.

Here is a selection of good tastes and wonderful experiences for yourself, a good friend or colleagues at the office. Check the selection and us your list of choices to Your order is wrapped as gifts and send to your preferred address. 

See the list and choose your favourites from the webshop HERE 


You are warmly welcome to plan special celebrations, get together lunches and dinners at Fotografiska restaurant. Somewhat more private Nada room seats 20 guests, larger companies for up to 60 fit well in the main hall of the restaurant. 

We are Tuesday to Sunday according to opening times stated above, but gladly welcome special arrangements also for mornings and lunchtime. 
In addition to the great tastes at our restaurant, we have for your also wine and cocktail degustations, tea moments, guided tours at the exhibitions. Ask for more details! 

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Inspiring view and good food to support thriving discussions!
Plan your business meeting or get together on a weekday morning at Fotografiska restaurant. We offer a splendid view from Nada room for up to 20 guests or an arrangement in the restaurant hall for a larger group of guests, if you need. We will set a wonderful table for you with fresh morning coffee and bakery, and you are most welcome to stay for lunch and dinner. Screen, projector, white board is also available – let us know what you need.  Kindly send us your inquiry a few days prior the day so we have to prepare for your visit. 

Kindly send us your inquiry -> 

Gift card

Our magic potion for decision fatigue. With the gift card, you or your friend get to choose exactly what they wish, for example our membership, or something from the Fotografiska gift shop, cafe or restaurant.

Student seats

Each month we reserve a limited number of seats at our kitchen counter with a 30% discount to give students a chance to enjoy Fotografiska. We can chat, get a close up of making our dishes, share wine stories and discuss how to develop our food culture, because you are our future.

Join our team

We are always looking for new stars to join our team. Whether you are looking for an intern position or want to join us full time, you dream of working in the kitchen or you enjoy chatty service.