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Fotografiska Tallinn Restaurant

Restaurant - Open today 12:00 ― 23:00

Lunch 12:00-15:30
Drinks & Snacks 15:30-18:00
Dinner 18:00-23:00

If there are no free seats for booking and the weather is good, we might still have walk-in seats at our terrace. Seats are given on first come first serve basis.
For more information or time sensitive matters, please call our restaurant at +372 57450922


From leaf to root, from nose to tail

Fotografiska uses the power of photography to unite, spread awareness and create a positive impact in society. This mindset is well integrated in everything we do. By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to raise the level of awareness and question what we eat, drink and take for granted - nudging society towards more sustainable habits.

The restaurant will work with a zero-waste mindset to build an inspiring restaurant focused on an extensive care for the environment.

Culinary lead, chef Peeter Pihel has a global experience from restaurants in Estonia, Sweden, and France. Such as Fäviken Magasinet in Jarpen Sweden and Fulgurances in Paris France. In 2017 Peeter was a chef for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

We're not a fine-dining restaurant, we focus on making delicious and honest food by applying the ‘from leaf to root, from nose to tail’ principle. We use all our fresh local produce to the maximum, whether preparing a dish in the kitchen or mixing a cocktail behind the bar.



Salted Muhu lamb with cured beetroot 8.5
/ whey baked celery, tarragon sauce, marinated parsley stems

Birch coal grilled zucchinis with Viinamärdi farm straciatella 8.5
/ fermented kohlrabi, green tomato-herbstems pesto, dill oil and blossoms

Farm tomatoes with smoked eel 8.5
/ curry pickled onions, whey foam, eel bones and skin oil

Compost Carrot with whitefish roe 8.5
/ roasted leek, leek root-onion crust, fermented fennel–smoked sour cream sauce


River crab Bisque with trout croquets 9
/ fermented fennel stems, roasted cauliflower, garden greens

Farm veggies with farm cheese sauce 11
/ birch coal grilled farm veggies, roasted sourdough–chicken skin crumble

Local onion baked in compost 11.5
/ chanterelles, sourdough miso–Jerusalem artichoke cream, Jerusalem artichoke crisps


Blackcurrant semolina pudding 6
/ madara milk, seasonal berries, blackcurrant meringue

Plum compote with sour milk ice cream 6
/ foamed milk brioche in chamomile, red wine residuals syrup

Matured end of season berries with champagne foam 6
/ crispy honey

Fotografiska ice cream & sorbet 2.5
/ ask for today’s selection


360° set menu

/ Four courses 35
Birch coal grilled zucchinis with Viinamärdi farm straciatella
River crab Bisque with trout croquettes
Local onion baked in compost
Black currant semolina pudding

Matching wines 30

Add meat / fish 6.5

We constantly experiment and try new things, thus the menu can change.

Sustainable Pleasure

Sustainability practices will run like a read thread throughout the restaurant. The minimal food waste that is left will be put into a bin where after 24 hours compost is created. That will be handed to farmers providing us with ingredients or to nearby restaurants who grow their own herbs. Flower boxes are made out of an old church tower's tin sheets, used oven plates got a new life as bread trays and empty wine bottles are used as vases. We try to keep sustainable and balanced principles in everything we do and this way inspire our guests to follow the same.

The restaurant can host around 80 guests, with space for another 80 during the summer months on the roof-top terrace.

We will follow the Fotografiska food and beverage philosophy of Sustainable Pleasure, which is founded on the concept of food tasting good while doing good for the world.

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