Leaf to root, nose to tail.

Fotografiska restaurant works on a 0-cost basis. We use creative cooking methods, waste no raw materials and produce no waste. Everything, from flower to root or nose to tail, finds a use – in the kitchen as well as in the bar. What little is left over, however, becomes compost overnight, which circulates back to the fields and allotments.

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With our vision – to inspire a more conscious way of sensing the world – we are paying attention to what we eat and drink and trying to guide people towards more sustainable habits. We make the most of the fresh, local ingredients that come our way, whether it’s in the kitchen preparing a dish or behind the bar mixing up a cocktail. The minimal food scraps that are generated in the restaurant are put into the compost bin, where they are turned into compost within 24 hours. This in turn is given to farmers who supply the restaurant with raw materials or to other restaurants who, for example, grow herbs on site.

Our efforts have been recognised with a Michelin Green Star (for gastronomy and sustainability) and 2nd place in the White Guide 2022 Masterclass for Estonian restaurants.

The soul of our food is Peeter Pihel, a sustainable restaurant advocate with a varied career (Pädaste, Fäviken Magasinet, Fulgurance). Kristjan Kiho is responsible for the seasonal and unique wine list.

Opening hours

The kitchen stops cooking half an hour before closing time. You can extend your evening in the rooftop bar.

On the evening of 12 September, Fotografiska Restaurant is closed for a private event.

Tuesday – Friday
18:00 — 22:00

14:00 — 22:00

Rooftop bar
Tuesday – Thursday
18:00 — 23:00

18:00 — 00:00

14:00 – 00:00

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Green Star

The Michelin Green Star is an annual award that highlights restaurants at the forefront of sustainable practices. They are accountable for both their ethical and environmental standards and work with sustainable manufacturers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce or even eliminate plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chain.

“These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-commitment, and are a source of inspiration for keen foodies and the entire hospitality industry.”

Our whole philosophy and essence is intertwined with sustainability and we try to guide people to respond to it. In the kitchen or in the bar, we use all the raw materials, from blossom to root and nose to tail. Whatever is left over finds its way to the composter and back to the fields. We grow herbs, preserve seasonal produce and keep bees in our rooftop garden to make the enjoyment of good food sustainable and with the smallest possible footprint.

– Executive Chef Peeter Pihel

White Guide 2022 Masterclass II place

White Guide 2022 soovitab isikupäraseid söögikohti üle kogu Eesti – Hiiumaast Narvani – ja käib pidevalt ajaga kaasas. Siit leiate ka päris hiljaaegu avatud restorani kohe, kui on selgunud, et see on soovitamist väärt.


“Fotografiska is fascinating in that sustainability is not a fashion trend here, but a lifestyle. Recycling is not about using old objects for as long as possible. It is only giving old (often broken) objects a new look, a new use and a new life.”


Star Wine List

The Star Wine List is one of the most recognised wine appreciation lists in Europe and the world. Fotografiska Tallinn restaurant is also mentioned in the list.

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