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Meet our event programme below.


NADA Talk: Albert Franch Sunyer and Peeter Pihel

February 17 at 12:00

After leaving his biology studies, Albert Franch Sunyer learned the kitchen ropes in the Michelin-starred restaurant Angle and Abac in Barcelona. Albert found his specialty in pastries, and his whisk is never too far out of reach. His experience ranges from the acclaimed hotels as well as Helsinki restaurants Chez Dominique, Olo and Grön. From 2017 he is one of the co-founders of Nolla which was one of the first zero-waste rastaurants in the Scandinavian district.

During this NADA Talk, Peeter will discuss the topic of sustainability with Albert and what restaurant Nolla counts as its biggest hardships and accomplishments on this journey.

The event is FREE and has limited seating.
Please register beforehand.

Photo Tours with Curators: Berndt Arell and Renee Mussai

February 21 at 18:00

Üks õhtu, kaks fototuuri.
One night, two photo tours.

Berndt Arell, the curator of Tom of Finland's "The Darkroom" exhibition and Lina Iris Viktor "Dark Testament" exhibition curator Renee Mussai will conduct photo tours and give an intro for our newest exhibitions.

This year marks 100 years since Tom of Finland was born in Finland and Fotografiska Tallinn will premier its newest photo exhibition
“The Darkroom”. Our exhibition halls will be the first to bring audiences Tom of Finland’s photography which is produced by Fotografiska in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation.

The handwriting and style of Lina Iris binds together mythical symbolism and complex patters, creating a language on its own, mirroring humanities need for sacred experiences.

Tom of Finland "The Darkroom" Opening Party

February 22 from 23:00 - Sunrise

It's officially time to celebrate the global premier of Tom of Finland’s photo exhibition “The Darkroom”!

We are more than high to bring together the electrifying rhythmic powerhouses of Horse Meat Disco and Mutant Disco - Tallinn.

Coming from London, Horse Meat Disco is the most adored, wet and famous gay-disco extravaganza in the whole wide world, made for connoisseurs of the nastiest disco and house music.

Mutant Disco is the legendary club-night from Tallinn. They ended their monthly nights, which lasted 20 years, a few winters back. However they wake up every now & then especially when there's an opportunity to co-operate in such a sexy event! Could be because they're still a bit horny after all these years (even).

The party will take flight at 23:00 and you have the unheard opportunity of visiting the exhibition until the very early morning hours.

Tom of Finland is regarded as a role model in the fight for a more equal and fair world. He contributed to the sense of pride that became a major force in the early gay movement.

Tom's men are proud, happy, and confident.

Ticket: 15 € (includes free entrance to Tom of Finland’s exhibition)

Guided Photo Tour | Fotografiska Cinema: "Tom of Finland" (2017)

February 23 from 16:00

Fotografiska Tallinn is opening an exhibition by one of the biggest role models in the fight for a more equal and fair world - Tom of Finland “The Darkroom”. This exhibition will be the first to bring audiences Tom of Finland’s photography which is produced by Fotografiska in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation.

To celebrate this grand event, Fotografiska Cinema will screen the prized director Dome Karukoski’s movie “Tom of Finland” (2017) which portrays the life of one of 20th Century’s most remarkable persona, Touko Laaksonen's (Tom of Finland) life who was an icon of the generation.

A guided tour will be held at “The Darkroom” exhibition prior to the screening.

Guided photo tour 16:00
Fotografiska Cinema 17:00

Combo tickets are also available for purchase.

Photo tour with Ivar Heinmaa: James Nachtwey "Memoria"

February 28 at 18:00

Just as James Nachtwey has been a witness to extremely dangerous war scenarios while risking his own life, Estonia's best warfront operator Ivar Heinmaa has defied scenarios such as Nachtwey in over 110 countries.

We will listen to Ivar's stories and memories about the places we see in Nachtwey's exhibition "Memoria". The tour takes us into the midst of thought-provoking and painful photos in order for us think about all the trials and tribulations humanity is facing.

The tour is followed by Fotografiska Cinema's screening "War Photographer" starting from 19:30.
Combo tickets are also available for the tour and cinema screening.

Fotografiska Cinema: War Photographer (2001)

February 28 at 19:30

Fotografiska cinema will show a documentary about the life of James Nachtwey, the author of our major winter exhibition “Memoria". He is a man who is considered to be the best war photographer of all time, but who has also photographed various crises' and natural disasters.

War Photographer (2001)

War Photographer is a documentary by Christian Frei about the photographer James Nachtwey. As well as telling the story of an iconic man in the field of war photography, the film addresses the broader scope of ideas common to all those involved in war journalism, as well as the issues that they cover. Music of the movie is composed, among others, by world renowned composer Arvo Pärt.
The documentary won a 2003 Peabody Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002 and an Emmy Award in 2004. It also won or was nominated for more than 40 other awards internationally.

Duration: 96 min
The film is in English

Please register prior to the event.

February 28 from 23:00

You can expect good music, art and unique lighting and visual installations.

Music brought to you by:

*Sander Mölder
*Peeter Ehala
Bombossa Brothers

10 € - on-site
15 € - party + Fotografiska exhibition combo ticket + exhibition halls open until 01:00

/ Modern times call for modern solutions. We party in an environmentally friendly manner and cash-free! Make the change.




23:00 Club: Bump N Grind


20:00 Club concert: DJ Krush


17:00 Afterwork at Fotografiska | vol.3




19:00 LENNA: 10 years of hits!


17:00 Fotografiska Cinema: "The Biggest Little Farm"


20:00 Global Members Party


16:00 Guided photo tour | Fotografiska Cinema: "Tom of Finland" (Tour in Estonian)


12:00 Nada Talk: Peeter Pihel and Scott McKay (In English)




19:00 Nada dinner: Peeter Pihel and Scott McKay


19:00 TMW 2020 Opening Night: Tampere Hall with Tampere 2026 present


18:00 Photo tour with Harry Liivrand: Tom of Finland "The Darkroom"


19:00 TMW 2020: Folktronica Stage


19:00 TMW 2020: Üle Heli Festival Night


17:00 Fotografiska Cinema


17:30 Speaker Contest 2020 - Tallinn Qualifier
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