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Tours, at night and day, artist talks, parties, concerts, live music, during weekdays and -ends.
Meet our event programme below.



18:00 Foto Tour with  Ilmar Raag: James Nachtwey "Memoria"


19:30 Foto Tour with Olga Makina /Vincent Peters (vene keeles)


17:00 Fotografiska Cinema / War Photographer


January 17 at 23:00

Sündmusel on oodata head muusikat, kunsti ning ainulaadseid valguse- ja visuaalinstallatsioone.
You can expect good music, art and unique lighting and visual installations.

Music is brought to you by:
Bombossa Brothers

10 € - on-site
15 € - party + Fotografiska exhibitions combo ticket
(exhibition halls open until 01:00)

/ Modern times call for modern solutions. We party in an environmentally friendly manner and cash-free! Make the change.

Guided Photo Tour: James Nachtwey "Memoria"

January 19 at 15:30

Sundays are dedicated to culture and we honor this by conducting a photo tour led by our very own studious guide Aleksander Metsamärt.
We will visit James Nachtwey’s retrospective “Memoria” during which we have a rare opportunity to contemplate over the many hardships the humanity must withstand and what the real price of this is.

Entrance with exhibition ticket.

The photo tour is followed by Christian Frei’s Oscar-nominated documentary about James Nachtwey.
Read more about our Fotografiska Cinema event HERE!

Combo ticket exhibition and tour + cinema = 16 €

Fotografiska Cinema: War Photographer

January 19 at 17:00

Fotografiska Cinema has launched!
The screenings about photographers and food art as well as music and sound creations are going to take place in our 1. Floor hall up to two times a month.

The first cinema evening will screen a documentary about James Nachtwey who is considered as one of the best war photographer’s of all times.

War Photographer (2001)

War Photographer is a documentary by Christian Frei about the photographer James Nachtwey. As well as telling the story of an iconic man in the field of war photography, the film addresses the broader scope of ideas common to all those involved in war journalism, as well as the issues that they cover. Music of the movie is composed, among others, by world renowned composer Arvo Pärt.
The documentary won a 2003 Peabody Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002 and an Emmy Award in 2004. It also won or was nominated for more than 40 other awards internationally.

Duration: 96 min
The film is in English

The film is preced by a guided photo tour to James Nachtwey’s “Memoria” exhibition.
Find out more about the event HERE!

Ticket 6€
Combo ticket exhibition and tour + cinema = 16 €

Photo Tour with Evelin Võigemast: Vincent Peters "Light Within"

January 16 at 18:00

Vincent Peters discovered movies as a child when his father introduced to him American cinema as well as French new wave motion pictures. Peters was captivated by how films were able to tell stories and create certain moods through the light.

The movie-like moments created by Peters will be brought to the audience by renowned theatre and film actress Evelin Võigemast who will conduct a photo tour at the "Light Within" exhibitio, where famous Hollywood actors and actresses are portrayed.

Entrance fee: exhibition ticket + 5 €
Fotografiska Members ticket: 5 €

Tickets are sold on-site.

Bump N' Grind

January 10 23:00 - 04:00

As the decade is changing, the music made in between 2010-2019 will soon enough be referred to as retro.
The new decade moves along with our Bumb N' Grind party - fresh sounds are have been added and a few widescale changes are planned during the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

The absolute specialists if rnb & hip-hop are in control:

Tickets during the first hour like back in the 2000s - €5/ later €10
Bundle ticket party+exhibitions (available until 00:00, exhibitions open until 01:00) €12

/ Modern times call for modern solutions. We party in an environmentally friendly manner and cash-free! Make the change.

NADA Talk: Kirk Haworth and Peeter Pihel

January 10th at 12:00

Kirk Haworth leads the kitchen with unparalleled passion, inspired by his personal journey in food and 16 years perfecting his craft in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world including Michelin-starred The French Laundry, Restaurant Sat Bains, The Square and The Quay.

Taking all that nature has to offer, he delivers modern, plant-based food with high-end execution. Kirk has started a program Chefs Wellness, which focuses on changes in the way restaurants work, how restaurant shifts and the attitude of chefs towards their employees should change.
The talk will be lead by Fotografiska Head Chef Peeter Pihel and Elo Aun, the host of the NADA dinner by Fotografiska.

The first NADA dinner by Fotografiska that is more than 10 courses will take place on January 9th. We start off with this very special guest and cook together with "four hands" - Peeter and Kirk will be cooking the dinner largely plant-based.
More info HERE!

The event has limited seats and is free.

Artist Talk: Vincent Peters and Heidy Purga

December 6 at 18:00

Lights. Camera. Action!

An iconic Artist Talk is nearing which marks a beautiful ending to our Winter Season exhibition opening cycle.

The exhibition "Light Within" by fashion and portrait photographer Vincent Peters presents us with photographs that focus on the play of light and shadow.
The men and women captured by Peters often have two things in common. They are famous for reasons which make them
familiar faces to most of us. And they act as a canvas on which we, as viewers, paint a picture.

Peters will be joined on stage by DJ Heidy Purga who is well-known in our Estonian music scene. A long-time radio journalist, producer of Eesti Laul and currently a Parliament member, Heidy is a style icon among many and a Woman with a capital "W". An icon of our time and space.

Exhibition ticket + 5 €
Fotografiska Members: 5 €

Photo Tour with the artist: Vincent Peters "Light Within"

December 7 at 13:00

Vincent Peters is known for his delicate and sensual eye through which he creates dreamlike worlds and cinematic moments. Fashion and portrait photographer Vincent Peters will conduct a photo tour on Saturday during which you have the unique opportunity to step behind the scenes of the artist's world of analog photography and listen up close and personal how intimate, graceful and sensitive portraits are born.

Exhibition ticket + 5 €
Fotografiska Members: 5 €

Photo tour with James Nachtwey: "Memoria"

29 November at 18:00

It isn't often that you get an opportunity to participate in one of the most world's most prized press and war photographer's personal photo tours.
Having been selected as one of the world's best photogaphers several times, James Nachtwey opens up his life's work and brings his powerful retrospective to the audience in a photo tour with limited spots.

The private tour will have a soundsystem that guarantees a quality experience in a larger group. Each guest will receive a set of special headphones which allows you to get an immediate and raw experinece of James Nachtwey's life's work.

Fotografiska Tallinn: STILL MEETS FILM

23 November 13:00 - 17:00

As photography taken on the set of a movie production is considered a separate branch of photo industry, Fotografiska Tallinn is introducing a day of masterclasses by world renowned professionals. Kris Dewitte and Fabrizio Maltese will share best practices to open up the how and what and tell the stories behind the frozen moments of film. The second part of the day will hold a discussion between the two masters that is guided by film critic and journalist Karlo Funk.

The masterclasses are targeted towards professionals as well as photo enthusiasts and students of photography and film.

Photographer Kris Dewitte has had a love for cinema from an early age and he has built himself a solid reputation within the international film scene. He has also been doing portraits of people in film, working on over a 100 film productions as a stills photographer. Dewitte’s works include portraits of renown actors, directors and producers including the movies they have been involved in: Johnny Depp, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Morgan Freeman, Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Halle Berry, Matt Damon and many more.

Fabrizio Maltese is a European freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker, renowned for his film-related work. He works often on location and travels to the world’s major film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto to portray actors and directors for magazines and newspapers from around the globe. Maltese has photographed names such as Nicolas Cage, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more. He’s the only photographer to have won the Venice Movie Stars Photography Award twice - in 2005 for a portrait of Isabelle Huppert and again in 2012 for a portrait of Nicolas Cage.

Karlo Funk is a prized film critic and journalist who has done film-related shows on TV and radio. He has been behind the film production at the Estonian Film Foundation and has been the director of the Estonian Institute. During the former years he has mediated media content and documentaries in the telecommunications field and National Broadcasting Network.

Still meets film will start by a meet and greet with the artists at 13AM and will conclude at 5:30PM with a curated discussion panel and Q&A.

Note! The organiser has reserved the rights to make changes in the program.Tickets available through PILETILEVI
and the ticket link below!

Artist Talk: James Nachtwey and Neeme Raud

28 November at 18:30

On the 28th of November we open a major retrospective "Memoria" by James Nachtwey who has been a TIME magazine photographer for over 30 years.

James Nachtwey is one of the world's most respected photojournalists and considered the defining visual war reporter of his time.

We open our exhibition with an exceptional Artist Talk where James Nachtwey will speak with journalist and long-time American correspondent Neeme Raud who is now concentrated on global issues.

Please register prior to the event.
Entrance with an exhibition ticket + 5 €.

Christmas Mingle at Fotografiska

13 December at 19:00

 Mingle bells, mingle bells, mingle all the way!

Yearly summaries are festively added up and concluded at annual Christmas Parties. What a classic!

This year, Fotografiska is presenting a unique opportunity to gather up your colleagues, teammates or circle of friends and have a glorious and flavorsome Christmas Dinner alongside live music when our 1. Floor hall will be buzzing with a festive spirit.
A guided private photo tour will also be held for all guests.

Seating can be booked by the size of tables with a party of 6-8 people.

Welcome drink, buffet and 2 bottles of wine on each table: 69 €/ pp

Artist Talk: Mandy Barker and Kertu Birgit Anton

14. november 19:00

This week we are opening our newest exhibition “Sea of Artifacts” by Mandy Barker who draws attention to plastic and how it is destroying the nature around us. Barker’s unconventional artistic viewpoint and the cooperation with marine biologists, the wider public and different environmental organizations make her a unique photographer.

Mandy will be joined by a young environmental activist Kertu Birgit Anton who started a business SISU Bag a year ago that produces small fabric bags made of upcycled textiles. Kertu also became involved with the #fridaysforfuture movement inspired by the actions of the young climate activist Greta Thunberg, organizing climate strikes alongside.

Friday Photo Tour with Maarja Loorents: Kirsty Mitchell "Wonderland"

27 September 18.00

Kirsty Mitchell's exhibition has touched all who have seen it. This Friday, Fotografiska Tallinn's exhibition manager Maarja Loorents will host a photo tour, where the doors to “Wonderland” will open.


19 September 20.00

Philadelphia-born Bahamadia started off in hip-hop in the beginning of the 90s. After the success of the independent single “Funk Vibe” (1993), she caught the eye of Gang Starr and soon after she signed her first record contract. Her debut album “Kollage” (1996) is considered a classic project of that period – the album is produced by an array of big names such as DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, Ski, Guru and The Roots. In addition to three solo albums, she has also joined many projects as a guest artist – her collaboration list has big names such as The Roots, Guru, Talib Kweli, Jedi Mind Tricks, Erykah Badu and Spacek – as well as projects that have crossed the borders of hip-hop, such as collaborations with Roni Size (“New Forms”), Morcheeba and Brand New Heavies. Bahamadia is known as a forward-thinking artist and follower of tomorrow’s trends. Many artists consider her as an inspiration and rolemodel. She solidly stands out as one of the best female MC-s of all times. Bahamadia is still active in music and the concept of her latest project, Dialed Up, is that the whole music is created in a smartphone.

Doors open 19.00
Concert begins 20.00

Pre-sale ticket 15 €
On-site ticket 20 €

Artist Talk with Kirsty Mitchell and Kaupo Kikkas

13 September 19.00

Kirsty Mitchell’s dreamscape along with its magical beings, forests and flora opens on the 13th of September at Fotografiska. Mitchell shares the journey of her five-year project which began in the summer of 2009 – a few months after her mother’s tragic passing due to cancer. This is a story about the journey of returning from deep grief.

The viewer-embracing exhibition “Wonderland” comes across as touching and enthralling in the darkening days of Fall. During this Artist Talk, Kirsty will be accompanied by photographer Kaupo Kikkas.

Last Two Photo Tours with Pentti Sammallahti

25 August at 12PM and 15PM

Pentti Sammallahti's beloved exhibition Distant Land is on display for the very last week in Fotografiska Tallinn.

Entrance is with exhibition ticket, but please register before at

Facebook event>

Artist Talk with Jimmy Nelson and Kristjan Järvi

16 August at 6PM-7.30PM

Jimmy Nelson opened our Artist Talks and we are happy to continue them with him. Due to the high demand and positive feedback from the opening event, this is a new chance to hear his stories. This time his partner in talk is conductor Kristjan Järvi.

You can come hear Jimmy's path to photography and his adventures in the most remote places on Earth with the exhibition ticket. You can use the same ticket to see the exhibition before or after the talk.

Please register beforehand at

Facebook event>

Night Tour with Jimmy Nelson

16 August at 11PM-12AM

Jimmy Nelson returns to Tallinn and hosts a night tour. A chance to meet the author and hear the stories behind the photos from the photographer himself. Jimmy has traveled to most remote places and lived with the most distinct cultures and communities for his exhibition Homage to Humanity.

At the end of the tour, party continues downstairs ILUS TIKS x Anett x Yasmyn Live | Fotografiskas

Tour + party = 28 euros

Please register before at

Facebook event

Photo Tour for Students with Jimmy Nelson

17 August at 12PM-1PM

Jimmy Nelson's photo tour specially for students. Students from primary, secondary or university education are welcomed to join. Jimmy shares insights to his world of photography and adventures while travelling the world and photographing indigenous people and cultures. The tour is in English.

To participate the tour, only exhibition ticket is needed. Please also provide proof of your student status.

Please register before at

Palun registreeri eelnevalt

Facebook event

Photo Tour with Jimmy Nelson

17 August at 4PM-5PM

Jimmy Nelson returns to Tallinn with photo tours. An unique chance to hear from the photographer himself about his adventures to most remote places and living with distinct communities. This is the last tour of his visit. Earlier the day there is Fototuur noortele Jimmy Nelsoniga and the day before Öötuur Jimmy Nelsoniga

Price of the tour is exhibitions ticket + 15 euros

Please register before at

Facebooki üritus

Arist Talk / Book Signing with Jimmy Nelson

17 August at 6PM-7.30PM

Jimmy Nelson's last Artist Talks for this time. Jimmy shares his extraordinary journey to the world of photography, adventures in the most remote places on Earth and living with indigenous cultures and people.

The Artist Talk can be attended with exhibition ticket, which can be used before or after to see the exhibition itself.

It's also possible to buy Jimmy's photo book which the author is happy to sign.

The talk will be in English.

Please register before at

Facebook event

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