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    Hyvät ystävät, pidetään huolta terveydestämme ja toimitaan vastuullisesti.
    Jos sinulla on virustartunnan oireita, tunnet olosi sairaaksi tai olet sairaana, pysythän kotona ja noudatat terveysviranomaisten ohjeita.
    Vain näin voimme estää taudin leviämisen.

    Koska Fotografiskaan kuuluu useita eri alueita, pidämme kahvilamme ja lahjatavaramyymälämme avoinna ensimmäisessä kerroksessa,
    mutta tarkkailemme tilannetta jatkuvasti. Desinfiointiainetta on saatavilla kaikilla palvelupisteillä,
    ja pyydämme kävijöitä desinfioimaan kätensä puhtauden ylläpitämiseksi.


    Aukioloajat tänään

    I kerros kahvila ja kauppa 12 - 20

    Become a Friend

    Fotografiska Friends membership comes with benefits. Based on your package, you can have free entrance to the exhibitions - during the day, in the evenings or the whole day. You will always get a discount from everything in the cafe or shop and frist floor events. Plus, you will get exclusive invitations to Friends only events and previews. We have four different memberships, so you can choose what suits your life puzzle best.

    Fotografiska Restaurant

    The focus is on applying the ‘from leaf to root, from nose to tail’ principle. The idea is to inspire and emphasize on everything we eat and drink. The restaurant works with a zero-waste mindset with an extensive care for the environment, which makes sustainable ingredient-driven cooking a form of art. Sounds like fine dining? But it's not. The food is simple and honest, with fresh local ingredients maximized in the kitchen and visitors plates.

    Fotografiska Events

    Photo tours and artist talks with authors, well-known photographers and storytellers. During the weekdays and -ends parties, concerts, live music. At night and during the day. Our events have something for everyone. Find more at the link and find your one.

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