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Fotografiska is a museum experience for the modern world.

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Founded in Stockholm in 2010, Fotografiska is a destination to discover world-class photography, eclectic programming, elevated dining and surprising new perspectives.

Guided by a mission to inspire a more conscious world through the power of photography, Fotografiska produces dynamic and unparalleled rotating exhibitions, spanning various photographic genres, in inclusive and immersive environments.

With a dedicated international community and locations in Tallinn, Stockholm and New York City, Fotografiska is the premier global gathering place for photography and culture.

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Nick Brandt "This Empty World. Inherit the Dust."

Nick Brandt’s powerful exhibit reflects the escalating destruction of pure African nature at the hand of mankind, conveying a world in which fleeing animals have no room left for survival. The internationally acknowledged Brandt is hoping to use his work to increase awareness of the ongoing destruction, by allowing the audience to decide whether they have the energy to take action so that we can prevent the worst that can be done by mankind. Any one of us can choose a better, more humane, compassionate, and sustainable path on this planet, in small ways as well as in bigger ways.

3.9 2021-20.2 2022

Arno Rafael Minkkinen "Two Hundred Seasons"

The exhibit displays work and photographs from the period between 1970 and 2020 of numerous places across thirty countries around the world, including thirty US states. This creation by Arno Rafael Minkkinen comes across as a form of pure poetry which is lasting. It is kind of like a modern tribute to the relationship between nature and mankind. Minkkinen’s work can be found in the collections of over seventy-five top museums and institutions, such as the Centre Pompidou or the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

24.9 2021-30.1 2022

Maisie Cousins "Rubbish, dipping sauce, grass, peony, bum"

The exhibition introduces three projects to visitors to Fotografiska to which Maisie Cousins has been dedicated over the past five years. The hyper-realistic compositions of Maisie Cousins picture everyday objects from our domestic environment which have been turned into hallucinatory images: bright, bold, and alluring. The macrophotography which Cousins undertakes serves to convey the world in its purest form. From crushed fruit, magnified body parts, and beautiful plants, to jelly slime, beetles, and the leftovers of a pasta dish which have been decorated with plastic babies, these compositions force the audience to choose whether they find these details pleasurable or repulsive.

8.10 2021-9.1 2022


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Covid Info

In accordance with the new orders, all visitors (from the age of 18), including e-ticket holders, must present a document on arrival to prove their safety against Covid.

Suitable for verification in digital or printed form:

  • Valid vaccination passport,
  • COVID-19 proof of disease (valid for 180 days from positive test).

P.S Fotografiska doesn’t provide on the spot testing.

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The restaurants, bars and cafes at Fotografiska set the table for ideas, conversation and discourse.

Our Aim

Fotografiska creative food and drink team always tries to find something that creates a taste experience on every plate and in every glass, without you ever having to worry about the footprint of that pleasure. Good and sustainable food delights not only people but also our planet. Come and be a part of it.

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